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About Robot Enclosures for Benchtop and Gantry Robots

Robot enclosures provide protection to the robot from accidental damage, and also protect the operator from moving parts while the robot is in operation. Our team of technicians are able to build robot enclosures suitable for all of the robots that we sell, and will produce bespoke enclosures to meet your specific requirements.

Often, the robot enclosure is a component of a turn-key automated dispensing system we assemble for a customer.

Features & Benefits

  • Protects robot from accidental damage and debris
  • Protects operator from moving parts
  • Bespoke sizes and configurations available

Standard Features

Auger Valve archytas series robot integration      Three jetting valves robotic dispensing system     Free standing robot enclosure with F4403N

  • Aluminium frame with cable channels
  • Perspex top and side panels


Optional Additional Features

Robot enclosure Robot enclosure Robot enclosure Robot Enclosure with 7400N and eco-PEN600 (11)

  • Base plates on benchtop models
  • Lighting
  • Light curtains, which stop operation if penetration of the enclosure is detected
  • Glazed doors on the front which lock during operation
  • Shelving for controllers or ancillary machinery
  • Legs and wheels for free-standing enclosures
  • Remote operation box

Our robot enclosures can be delivered on their own or as part of a full dispensing system.

Ordering Information

As all of our robot enclosures are built to order, please contact a member of our Technical Team to discuss your requirements.

  • Last updated: October 2020
  • Version: 1.3

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