Camera Vision System for Fisnar ADVANCE Series Dispensing Robots


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About Camera Vision System for Fisnar ADVANCE Series Dispensing Robots

The FISF4000AKIT-VISION Camera Vision System for Fisnar ADVANCE Series Dispensing Robots is a modular, plug and play add-on to any of the ADVANCE series liquid dispensing robots.

This robot vision system provides a powerful and intelligent CCD vision-based programming and fiducial auto-adjustment system for creating both simple and complex dispense routines/programs. This results in improved quality due to precise dispense positioning alongside improved production yield and reduced processing time and costs.

Dispense programs are created quickly and easily in the Fisnar proprietary vision-controlled Fluid-In-Motion (FIM) software. By using the displayed camera image to move the robot to the exact required dispense location, and then selecting the operation wished to be carried out (dispense, dot, line, start, etc), the system can limit programming inconsistency between operators.

The FISF4000AKIT-VISION robot vision system software is supplied with an auto-part alignment function to guarantee fluid is being dispensed at the exact required location. This is achieved by the system capturing an image of two separate fiducial locations on the component and using pattern recognition software to compare the live image against a stored image. Any difference found in X or Y position results in the dispense coordinates being automatically adjusted to suit.

Dispense positional accuracy and repeatability is further optimised by the simple auto-calibration routine and part alignment function.

Camera Vision System for Fisnar ADVANCE Series Dispensing Robots
The Robot Vision System comprises two cameras, including one for live dispensing images

Features & Benefits

  • Quick to set up and straightforward to program
  • Auto 3-axis dispensing tip calibration function
  • Auxiliary camera to monitor dispense process live
  • High-resolution CCD camera
  • LED light with adjustable brightness
  • Simple & fast transfer of CAD data (.DXF/Gerber) into software
  • Industrial Windows-based PC system included (with monitor, keyboard and mouse)
  • Can be easily installed at any time onto a F4000 ADVANCE 3-axis robot using plug and play system design
  • Peripheral hardware is mounted directly onto the robot, reducing space requirements
  • Images can be captured and stored for quality and process control purposes
  • Programs can be automatically selected from scanned QR codes

Other Information

Camera Vision System for Fisnar ADVANCE Series Dispensing Robots

1) F4000 ADVANCE Desktop Dispensing Robot
Highly robust and durable based on cast aluminium base and heavy duty extruded aluminium twin vertical side pillars supporting the horizontal X-axis. This rigid design concept allows for long term precision dispensing and dependable repeatability.
2) Computer
Industrial specification PC installed with Windows 10 and supplied with Fluid-In-Motion (FIM) software ready to use. Mounted directly onto robot to reduce overall envelope. TFT LCD monitor, keyboard & mouse also included.
3) CCD Camera
For high resolution colour & greyscale image capturing. Displays an 8x6mm real time image on Fluid-In-Motion (FIM) software. Alternative focus lenses available for special application requirements.
4) LED Ring Light & Controller
For optimising image contrast and definition. Adjustable light brightness controller is mounted directly onto robot to reduce overall envelope.
5) Tip Calibration Module
Works by the camera capturing an image of the purged fluid and uses pattern recognition to compare it against a pre-defined datum image. Any difference found between the centre positions, result in the X & Y co-ordinate values being automatically adjusted and dispense program re-aligning to suit. The Z-axis is automatically calibrated by dispense tip contacting a touch pad.
6) Auxiliary Camera
When robot is running a dispense cycle, a live full screen image is displayed on the TFT LCD monitor, allowing the user to clearly and easily monitor the fluid is being dispensed correctly onto the component part. This ensures any errors can be quickly identified.

Fluid-In-Motion (FIM) software
Fluid-In-Motion (FIM) software

Ordering Information

Part number Description
FISF4000AKIT-VISION-WIN10 Camera Vision System for Fisnar ADVANCE Series Dispensing Robots


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