Robotic Dispensing System with Four Hot Melt Jetting Valves

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About Robotic Dispensing System with Four Hot Melt Jetting Valves

Fisnar F9000 robot archytas series in enclosureHighlighting the flexibility and capability of our archytas series robot integrations, this robotic dispensing system allowed our customer to combine multiple hot melt jet dispensing heads into one single semi-automated cell.

Consisting of a Fisnar F9000-series gantry robot, a laser height detection system, and four Vermes hot melt jetting valves, the unit is capable of processing batches of products, as well as larger form parts. Material is fed into the system using a heated cartridge.

With an ability to carry up to a 7kg payload at its head, the F9000 series gantry robot not only allows multiple dispensing valves to be installed, but it is also able to position them repeatably, with a resolution of 0.01mm.

The robot, and all the controls for the numerous valves and controllers are housed in a custom, free standing enclosure which allows safe operation from the outside. Enclosures can be custom-designed to suit your production area layout and size.

Features & Benefits

  • Vermes Microdispensing ValvesUltra-precise contactless dispensing of a hot melt adhesive across a large part
  • Reduced production times and increased throughput as a result of fast speeds: potential jetting frequency >3,000Hz
  • Higher throughput achieved by using four dispensing valves
  • Controls mounted for easy access
  • Enclosure light curtains protect operators from moving parts

Other Information

This robotic dispensing system is an example of our archytas series of robot integrations. If you are interested in a similar system, get in touch with our Technical Team to discuss your requirements.

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