Robotic Dispensing from 310ml Cartridges with LED UV Light Curing

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About Robotic Dispensing from 310ml Cartridges with LED UV Light Curing

robot mounted LED uv curing flood lampThis automated robotic system enables the rationalisation of multiple, complex dispensing and curing applications into a single, push button operation, saving time and increasing productivity.

Two preeflow eco-PENs, fed from 310ml cartridges, repeatably dispense volumetrically dosed materials onto parts with absolute control. Able to be programmed as a pair for simultaneous part processing, or separately, to carry out different dispensing applications, this set-up grants flexibility in a dispensing process.

The dispensing equipment is mounted onto a Fisnar F4000 ADVANCE robot with a MX-250 LED UV flood curing lamp. By operating these pieces of equipment in tandem with one another, this system can apply and cure UV-curable adhesives, sealants, coatings and other materials quickly, with a high level of accuracy.

In this example, our customers material was supplied in 310ml cartridges, but this system could easily be customised to support material in syringes, cartridges, or bulk packaging.

Integrated controls allow safe operation from the outside a free-standing enclosure, while the enclosure itself offers smoked glass for UV light safety, and a dead switch which activates if the doors are opened during operation. Enclosures can be custom-designed to suit your production area layout and size.

Features & Benefits

  • HRobotic enclosure for dispensing and curingigh level of dispensing accuracy and precision: +/- 1%, >99% of the time, resulting in less material waste and fewer rejects
  • Curing material on the machine immediately after application reduces work in progress
  • Complete application and curing process without additional part handling
  • System provided fully configured and installed, with training provided to get the customer up and running quickly
  • Controls mounted immediately above the robot for easy access
  • Interlocked enclosure protects operators from moving parts


Dual preeflow eco-PEN dispensing with UV curingDispensing and LED UV light curing of:

  • Coatings
  • Encapsulants
  • Potting compounds
  • Adhesives
  • Gaskets
  • Sealants

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Ordering Information

This combined robotic dispensing and UV curing system is an example of our archytas series of robot integrations. If you are interested in a similar system, get in touch with our Technical Team to discuss your requirements.

  • Last updated: December 2022
  • Version: 1.1

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