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About Dispensing Tip Alignment Kits for Fisnar Robots

Dispensing Tip Alignment may be required in precise dispensing applications where frequent material, syringe barrel or tip changes occur – and these changes alter the position of the dispensing needle with respect to the workpiece. Realignment of the dispensing tip is available in two methods:

  • Automatic – tip position detection followed by automatic reprogramming to compensate for the new position
  • Manual – hardware allowing a mechanical adjustment in the X Y & Z axes to a set datum point

These modules are compatible with the Fisnar range of fluid dispensing robots.

Automatic Dispensing Tip Alignment
With the tip alignment module installed, the user can simply run a function on the robot that will detect the dispensing tip centre point and then automatically offset the program in all axes based on the new dispense tip position. This ensures consistent dispense results and minimal production downtime. This functionality can also be actuated through external control making it simple for use in a production environment. It works with both dispensing needles and nozzles.


Mechanical Dispensing Tip Alignment
The FISTA360U-KIT Mechanical Tip Alignment Kit allows the dispensing hardware mounted on the robot to be mechanically adjusted in the X Y & Z axes using adjustment screws. The dispense tip is quickly and easily adjusted by re-aligning it to a known location which is set in the robot program. Re-alignment can be carried out independently to the program and adjustments can be easily made by users not trained in robot programming, integrated into operator instructions. The FISTA360U-KIT Mechanical Tip Alignment Kit is suitable for all Fisnar robots. Fast tip alignment means less downtime between material or needle changes.

Mechanical Tip Alignment Kit

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Fisnar Robotics Catalogue 4.87MB

Ordering Information

Part number Description
FIS4000AKIT-TA3 Tip Alignment Module for Fisnar F4000 ADVANCE 3-Axis Robots
FIS4000AKIT-TA4 Tip Alignment Module for Fisnar F4000 ADVANCE 4-Axis Robots
FISTA9000N Tip Alignment Module for Fisnar F9000 3-Axis Gantry Robots
FISTA4200N Tip Alignment Module for Fisnar 4200N.2 & 5000 Series Robots
FISTA360U-KIT Mechanical Tip Alignment Kit – fixture with hardware


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