Congratulations! Our dispensing partner Viscotec, makers of preeflow, have announced that in 2020 they passed a milestone of supplying more than 100,000 dispensing pumps into industry, including 65,000 preeflow volumetric dispensing pumps. We have been providing these precision dispensers to manufacturers in the UK and Ireland for a decade now, and have facilitated their success in a very wide range of applications, from dispensing solder paste onto printed circuit boards to applying icing designs on gingerbread.

There can be no better confirmation of the efficacy, utility and quality of the preeflow brand than this huge number of sales to customers all over the world. We are very proud to be a part of the success of this market leader.

A recent article by Viscotec highlights some of the many ways that their dispensers are used to make products that we encounter in our daily lives, and some of the applications may surprise you! You can read more about this on Viscotec’s own website.

preeflow electronics assembly

With +/- 1% accuracy, >99% of the time, preeflow dispensing valves are an excellent choice for manufacturers dispensing materials in small amounts (from 1 microlitre to millilitres) who require high repeatability. As a result, they benefit from less material usage, fewer rejects, and a consistent product. Options include a range of standard precision dispensing valves; metering, mixing and dosing valves; and volumetric spray valves. The applications are numerous, and we’d be delighted to speak to you about what you are trying to achieve to see if we can help you achieve a boost in productivity while obtaining a quick return on investment.

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