FIS 790HP-LF High Pressure Dispensing Valve for High Viscosity Liquids: Silicones, RTVs, Greases, Sealants

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About FIS 790HP-LF High Pressure Dispensing Valve for High Viscosity Liquids: Silicones, RTVs, Greases, Sealants

The Fisnar 790HP-LF High Pressure Dispensing Valve is designed to dispense high viscosity fluids such as silicones, RTVs, sealants, pastes and greases. The FIS 790HP-LF high pressure valve provides a snap-release shut off after dispensing, creating a suck-back effect that prevents any dripping.


Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for very high viscosity fluids including epoxies, UV adhesives, pastes, grease, silicones, sealants, RTVs
  • Suitable for potting/filling
  • Ability to dispense in dots, beads/lines, micro dots, micro beads
  • High pressure fluid input up to 2500psi
  • Available in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Suck-back eliminates post-dispense dripping


Construction FIS 790HP-LF – Aluminum Valve Body
FIS 790HPSS-LF – Stainless Steel Valve Body
Aluminum inlet & outlet blocks
Material inlet 1/4″ NPT
Air inlet (actuating) 1/4″ NPT
Material outlet 1/4″ NPT
Air pressure required 50 psi minimum
Maximum input pressure 2500 psi
Seals O-ring – viton, seats are glass filled ptfe


790 High pressure dispensing valve

The FIS 790HP-LF is a high pressure dispensing valve which is also known as a “spool valve”. The material to be dispensed is supplied under pressure to the material inlet. The valve is opened and closed pneumatically, typically using a dispensing controller. Applying a minimum of 50 psi to the air inlet will force the internal spool forward, dispensing the material. Releasing the air pressure allows an internal spring to snap the spool back, closing the valve. The spool shape helps to provide a suck back of the material, preventing drips and giving a clean cut-off of the dispense.

Other Information

See also our Technical Articles and White papers page to download “Improving Industrial Dispensing with Pneumatic Dispensing Valves” – a whitepaper about this technology.

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Specification Description
FIS790HP-LF High pressure dispensing valve – aluminium body
FIS790HPSS-LF High pressure dispensing valve – stainless steel body


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