UV and Light Curing Equipment

UV and Light Curing Equipment

UV & Light Curing
Our range of UV and Light Curing Equipment include high intensity, industrial lamps for curing adhesives, coatings, gaskets and other light reactive materials.

The UV and Light Curing range includes:

  1. High intensity UV spot lamps
  2. Lightguides – single, dual, triple and quad pole outputs
  3. Floodlamps for area cure
  4. Conveyor systems
  5. LED-based lamps – instant-on curing, extended bulb life and lifetime performance consistency
  6. Blacklight systems for NDT inspection, crack detection and security verification
  7. Radiometers for UV cure process control



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  • UV Spot Lamps

    UV curing spot lamps process UV and visible light-curable adhesives and coatings very quickly – typically in less than 10 seconds and often in just 1 second. We recommend spot lamps for R&D laboratory environments as well as low- and high-volume production applications in medical, industrial, electronics, automotive, and optical industries.

  • UV Flood Lamps

    Flood lamps cure UV adhesives, coatings and inks very quickly, using moderate to high-intensity UV/visible light. These flood lamps are available as handheld, mounted or modular systems. A modular UV curing flood lamp consists of a power supply, reflector housing, and standard 400 Watt metal halide bulb. Shutter assemblies, mounting stands, UV shields, and additional UV curing bulbs are available to create a custom UV curing system.

  • UV LED lamps

    LED UV curing offers many advantages over conventional spot curing systems including no bulbs to change, cool cures, no warm up and constant intensity for thousands of hours.

  • UV Curing Conveyor Systems

    UV curing conveyor systems offer consistent line speed, lamp height, and intensity together to provide a consistent UV curing process. UV curing conveyors eliminate stray UV light despite utilizing some of the highest-intensity UV curing systems on the market.

  • Radiometers & Process Control

    Dymax UV and visible radiometers are simple to operate and allow operators to monitor and document a UV/Visible light curing process. A low UV/Visible intensity measurement signals an operator to replace the bulb, reflector, or lightguide. Radiometers can also be used to confirm that operators are properly shielded from UV/Visible exposure. Degradation of curing bulbs, lightguides, and reflectors can decrease intensity, resulting in incomplete cures.

  • Inspection & NDT Lamps

    Inspection lamps are low intensity UV flood lamps designed for small scale or mobile use. Applications include UV fluorescent inspection, NDT and crack detection, identification of invisible/UV revealing security markings, and verification of security labeled currency, cheques, bank drafts, bank books, passports, certificates and important documents.

  • UV Safety

    Personal protective equipment is essential when operating UV lamps, to shield operators from harmful UV radiation.