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About IUV400 UV Curing Flood Lamp

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The IUV 400 UV Curing Flood Lamp is a high intensity, versatile, hand-held or fixed mounting UV lamp for applications including the curing of adhesives, coatings, and potting materials. It has a separate power supply making it suitable for many applications where a portable and mobile lamp is required. The high lamp output and intensity offer excellent curing results in seconds, depending on adhesives and substrates.

Features & Benefits

  • Light output is filtered to minimise hazards from short and medium wave UV and bright visible light
  • Aluminium UV lamp unit is compact, lightweight and extremely durable
  • Fan cooled for low UV lamp housing temperatures
  • Glass filter assembly is fitted to a hinged front door, enabling easy access for UV bulb and glass filter replacement and cleaning
  • Elapsed hour counter for UV bulb change scheduling
  • Auto reset thermal safety cut out
  • Wire mesh over filter glass for protection
  • Hand-held or fixed mounting


  • Curing of UV adhesives for glass, plastic & metals
  • Curing of UV potting on electrical & electronic components
  • Production and repair of 3D models from stereolithography (UV hardening polyester resins)


Specification IUV 400
(Other options available for special applications)
High intensity discharge 400W, iron doped metal halide (ozone free)
Illumination area
(distance dependent)
300mm x 200mm
Power 410W
Integral fuse protection 2 x 6.3A miniature time-lag fuses ceramic body 5mm x 20mm
Connecting cable length 2m (optional 5m extension)
Weight of UV lamp unit 2kg
Dimensions of power supply unit (l x w x h) ~355 x 220 x 88mm
Bulb life Approx 500 hours – depending upon age, environment, switching and cooling
Reflector Aluminium – full spectrum grade
Power supply requirement 230V/50Hz (115V/50/60Hz available to special order)
Noise < 70dB
Rating IP40
Construction material Sheet aluminium
Finish UV stable black polyester powder coating


IUV 400 metal halide bulb spectral output

IUV 400 metal halide bulb spectral output

Filter and options

The IUV400-21 IUV 400 glass filter assembly – UV-A  to Blue (315nm-450nm) is fitted as standard. It provides high intensity long wave UV-A and some visible blue light, and is suitable for UV curing. It filters out the more hazardous medium and short wave UV light, as well as glare from bright white visible light.

IUV 250 UV Curing Flood Lamp clear UV-A glass filter

When switched on, we recommend that the IUV 400 UV Curing Flood Lamp be stored on our IUV250-30 Stand, which has an integral Light Shield. This stand has mounting holes which allow it to be fixed to a bench. A 5 metre power extension cable (from lamp to power supply) is available for maximum mobility.

IUV 250 UV Curing Flood Lamp stand

Other Information

Top Tips for getting the best from your UV curing process

Read through our easy-to-follow guide on UV curing to maximise your processes productivity.


Find out more about the technology behind the IUV400 by reading our technical bulletins and white papers:


See how the IUV lamp works as part of a real application in these UV curing adhesives and equipment Case Studies:

 Case Study - Dymax Ultra Light-Weld 3099 Dauphin Restoration Acrylic bonding – when it absolutely must look right

A UV adhesive and curing application that required a quick, clear and clean finish.

Case Study Dymax 429 Smith of Derby web UV adhesive provides virtually invisible bond for prestigious bespoke clock

The problem of bonding dissimilar surfaces with a virtually invisible bond for a bespoke clock by Smith of Derby was solved in seconds thanks to a cure-on-demand UV curing adhesive and equipment:


All Downloads

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Acrylic bonding – when it absolutely must look right 1.19MB Download
UV adhesive provides virtually invisible bond for prestigious bespoke clock 1.17MB Download
UV Curing and Tack-Free Cures 0.23MB Download
Achieve Better Process Controls with Light Cure Technology 0.36MB Download

Ordering Information

Part number Description
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UV Curing Flood Lamp 400W 230V/50Hz (safety eyewear not included)
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Safety eyewear – UV blocking goggles, grey
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IUV 400 replacement bulb (iron doped metal halide) – fitted as standard
IUV400-21 IUV 400 glass filter assembly – UV-A to Blue (315nm-450nm) – fitted as standard
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Stand with shield
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Lamp extension cable 5m


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