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The Dymax BlueWave MX-150 LED UV spot curing lamp system provides manufacturers with the curing flexibility they need, in a smaller, more efficient design. The unit comprises two main parts: a controller with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, and a high-intensity LED emitter which is uniquely designed to offer higher, more consistent curing intensity than traditional spot-curing systems. Curing energy is created using an LED chip in the emitter, providing consistent curing by avoiding potential intensity loss caused by the use of long or bent lightguides.

With this new design, this LED UV spot curing lamp system can be truly tailored to users’ curing needs – allowing them to choose from three different wavelength LED emitters (365, 385, or 405 nm) so optimal cures are achieved. Users also have endless set up flexibility; for automated curing processes, the emitter can be easily mounted to robotic arms or further from the controller without fear of intensity variations. When used as a bench-top curing system, the unit can be paired with a stand and shielding or a lightguide can be connected to the system for specialised applications.

Heat Control
For applications with heat-sensitive components, interruptions in the exposure duration can slow the materials’ temperature climb during the cure process. This isn’t a concern with the BlueWave MX-150, because the curing profile can be optimized to reduce the risk of substrate damage.

Admin and Production Modes
The admin mode fully unlocks the device and allows for setting curing time and intensity cycles. Each individual curing cycle can be entered and saved as a program and recalled when needed. The production mode is designed for simple operation by manufacturing personnel. Settings and access to admin mode can be password protected using the full QWERTY keyboard.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
High Intensity of up to 40 W/cm2 · Quickly cures a variety of materials
LED heads available in 365nm (RediCure), 385nm (PrimeCure), or 405nm (VisiCure) wavelengths · Compatible with a variety of UV and visible light-curable materials
· Wavelength flexibility allows co-optimisation of adhesive and curing system for best cure
LED chip located in the emitter, not the controller · Consistent intensity
· Mounted emitter saves the cost of lightguides
· Eliminates potential intensity loss from long or bent lightguides
· Easily mounted to robotic arms with no intensity variation
· Emitter can be mounted closer to application, while the controller remains close to the operator
Admin and Production Modes · Production Mode for simple on/off operation
· Curing programs can be saved and easily recalled
· Units can be password protected so only the production Mode can be accessed by workers
Touch screen with full keyboard · Improved user interface
· Curing programs can be easily entered, stored, and recalled when needed
Compatible with 3- and 5-mm lightguides with Wolf Connector · Utilises standard/readily available lightguides
Instant on-off · No warm-up period
· More energy efficient
Efficient LED temperature management and system monitoring · Maximised continuous operation without overheating
· Comfortable hand-held operating temperature
· Temperature monitoring assures maximum LED life
· Checks presence of lightguide or other delivery optic
PLC interface · Easily incorporated into automated systems


Dymax BlueWave MX 150 LED UV spot curing lamp spectral output chart
Dymax BlueWave MX 150 LED UV spot curing lamp spectral output chart
MX-150 Emitter RediCure™ PrimeCure™ VisiCure®
Output Frequency 365nm 385nm 405nm
Intensity Output* 30 W/cm2 44 W/cm2 41 W/cm2
Power Supply Input 100-240V≈ 2.5A, 50-60Hz
LED Timer 0 to 999 seconds
LED Activation Foot pedal, LCD touch screen, or PLC
Cooling Air Cooled
Dimensions (H x W X D) Controller: 14.6 cm x 9.5 cm x 15.9 cm
Emitter: 20.06 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
Weight Controller: 1.18 kg
Emitter: 0.64 kg
Unit Warranty 1 year from purchase date
Operating Environment 10-40°C
*Measured using a Dymax ACCU-CAL™ 50-LED Radiometer at a distance of 0 mm

Optional 4-Pole Lightguide

The Bluewave MX-150 can be configured with a 4-pole lightguide instead of the standard transmitter. All listed lightguides come with D-Style Connectors and require the DYM42932 Lightguide Conversion Kit.

Part Number Description Details
DYM42932 Bluewave® MX-150 4-Pole Lightguide Conversion Kit Upgrade performed at Dymax. Bluewave® MX-150 emitter must be returned to Dymax for upgrade.


Compatible Lightguides

When outfitted with a 4-pole lightguide, the Bluewave® MX-150 can offer the following intensities.

Part Number Description Intensity W/cm2
DYM38478 4 x 1000 mm Liquid 11.0
DYM38851 4 x 1500 mm Liquid 11.0
DYM38676 4 x 1500 mm Liquid. Extended Range 11.0
DYM39791 4 x 1000 mm Fiber Optic 8.0

Ordering Information

A complete BlueWave MX-150 system features a controller/power supply and LED emitter. Emitters are available in 365, 385, and 405 nm wavelengths. Lightguides and other accessories noted below can be added for specific applications. Components are sold separately.

Units are warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of purchase.

Part Number Description
DYM42380 MX Series Controller, Power Supply and Power Cord
DYM42336 RediCure™ LED Spot Emitter* (365 nm)
DYM42337 PrimeCure™ LED Spot Emitter* (385 nm)
DYM42338 VisiCure™ LED Spot Emitter* (405 nm)
DYM38998 Lightguide Simulator, 5-mm Diameter
DYM41148 Adjustable Taper Shoulder Focusing Lens (5 mm)
DYM42390 Emitter Mounting Stand
DYM41395 Three-Sided Acrylic Shield
DYM42426 Emitter Holder Assembly Bracket
*5mm lightguide simulator comes with every emitter.

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
Dymax BlueWave MX-150 LED UV Spot Curing Lamp Product Data Sheet 1.35MB
Dymax Light Curing Equipment Selector Guide 2.43MB
Dymax 4-Pole Lightguide Conversion Kit Product Data Sheet 0.27MB
  • Last updated: February 2018
  • Version: 3.1

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