UV & Light Curing Adhesives

UV & Light Curing Adhesives

Light-curable adhesives cure in seconds on exposure to longwave ultraviolet (UV)  and/or visible light. They optimise assembly speed, and enable 100% in-line inspection, and increase product throughput.

These worker-friendly adhesives form high-strength, environmentally resistant bonds. They are available for bonding plastics, metal, glass and a number of other substrates. They find many applications in electronics, medical device assembly, aerospace, opto-electronics, optics, automotive and electronic displays.

DYMAX Comprehensive Guide to UV Light Curing Technology

32 page guide to every aspect of light curing materials and equipment.

  • Dymax ultra light weld plastic bonding

    UV & Visible Light Curing Plastic, Glass & Metal Bonding Adhesives

    Dymax UV Light Curing adhesives for plastic, metal & glass bonding cure in seconds upon exposure to ultraviolet light and/or visible light, even through UV blocked plastics.

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  • LED UV Cure Adhesives

    LED UV Light Curing Adhesives

    Our range of fast and ultra-fast cure LED UV light curing adhesives are for a variety of medical device, electronics, and many industrial assembly applications. They are specially formulated LED light-curable adhesives for use with LED UV curing lamps. Adhesive bonding for glass, metal, plastics, ceramic, etc.

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  • Crystal Bonding with Dymax UV Glass Bonding adhesive

    UV Curing Glass Bonding Adhesives

    Dymax UV Curing Glass Bonding Adhesives form high strength, crystal clear, environmentally resistant bonds to glass as well as a variety of metal & plastic substrates.

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  • Dymax-OP-67-LS optical adhesive for fibre optics

    UV Curable Optical Assembly Adhesives

    Dymax OP UV Curable Optical Assembly Adhesives allow precision bonding, mounting and fixturing – they are optically clear, high strength, low stress adhesives that cure in seconds upon exposure to UV and visible light. For optics, fibre optics, electro-optics and applications where fast cure, optical clarity and ultra low shrinkage are important.

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  • Dymax adhesives for electronic LCD display

    Optical Display & Touch Screen Laminating Adhesives

    Dymax light-curable optical display bonding adhesives are specifically formulated for applications where durable, crystal-clear, invisible bonds are required. Their fast, on-demand cure allows substrates to be repositioned precisely until parts are ready to be cured.

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  • Dymax Multi-Cure adhesive for unitising, strain relief

    UV Light Curing Adhesives for Electronics Assembly

    Dymax adhesives are ideal for bonding heat sinks and heat sensitive components, wire and component tacking, strain relief of large parts and securing hand inserted components prior to wave soldering.

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  • Dymax See-Cure UV Adhesives

    DYMAX See-Cure Technology

    Dymax's patented See-Cure technology provides built-in visual cure validation that makes it easy for operators, or simple automated optical inspection systems, to confirm cure without the need for additional specialised equipment.

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