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About Flexible Dispensing Tips

Flexible dispensing tips are polypropylene needles bonded to colour coded hubs. They provide an ability to dispense in hard to reach areas. They may be cut to length or at an angle to provide a range of dispensing options or to remove material which has cured within them. They are corrosion resistant, and can dispense highly corrosive or aggressive materials.

All of our dispensing needles are compatible with the standard luer fitting, so are suitable for use with our dispensing barrels and manual syringes, as well as most other dispensing barrels and syringes on the market.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible Dispensing TipFlexible and bendy
  • Available in 1.5″ (standard) and 0.5″ lengths
  • Colour-coded
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Evaluation samples available
  • Normally stocked for next day delivery from our UK warehouse
  • Premium quality & competitive prices
  • Luer lock threaded


0.5″ Flexible dispensing tips
· Tips sold per pack. Each pack contains 50 tips.
Part number Gauge ID (mm) OD (mm) Length (inches) Hub colour
FIS5601285 14 1.60 1.98 0.5 Olive
FIS5601286 15 1.37 1.78 0.5 Amber
FIS5601287 18 0.84 1.32 0.5 Green
FIS5601288 20 0.60 1.02 0.5 Pink
FIS5601289 22 0.41 0.81 0.5 Blue
FIS5601290 25 0.25 0.81 0.5 Red


1.5″ Flexible dispensing tips
· Tips sold per pack. Each pack contains 50 tips.
Part number Gauge ID (mm) OD (mm) Length (inches) Hub colour
FIS5601291 14 1.60 1.98 1.5 Olive
FIS5601292 15 1.37 1.78 1.5 Amber
FIS5601293 18 0.84 1.32 1.5 Green
FIS5601294 20 0.60 1.02 1.5 Pink
FIS5601295 22 0.41 0.81 1.5 Blue
FIS5601296 25 0.25 0.81 1.5 Red

Other Information

25 Top Dispensing Tips 25 Top Dispensing Tips
An invaluable list of do’s and don’ts for liquid, fluid and paste dispensing, to help you achieve optimal adhesive and fluid dispensing processes.

All Downloads

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25 Top Dispensing Tips 3.29MB

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