It is almost impossible to make precision manual application of materials like RTV silicones from their standard packaging – a 310ml cartridge. You have probably run a seal around your bathtub from such a cartridge, but if you want to apply a dot of a millimetre or two diameter to a complex printed circuit board, the cartridge is just too big to hold and manipulate. A better option would be do downpack the material from the 310ml cartridge to a dispensing syringe barrel. You can then attach a dispensing needle to help you get a well-defined amount.

The FIS560548U-300 Syringe Barrel Filler loads syringes with material from 310ml cartridges in a controlled, simple, mess-free process.

We have a video illustrating how simple the operation is. The operator presses a switch to fill syringes from the 310ml cartridge using a source of clean, dry compressed air. The luer fitting accommodates both manual syringes and machine-ready syringes, and allows a quick changeover. The risk of air entrapment in the filled syringes in minimised, and the operator does not need to come into direct contact with the materials. There is less waste than is produced by trying to fill syringes by hand. By reducing wasted material, improving operator health and safety, and providing consistent results in much less time than manual transfer, the FIS560548U-300 Syringe Barrel Filler provides a quick return on investment.

We recommend this syringe barrel loader for materials including RTV silicones, sealants, greases, polyurethane adhesives, and SMPs among other materials packed in 310ml cartridges.

Fisnar 560548U-300 Barrel-Loader 310ml

The FIS560548U-300 Syringe Barrel Filler makes quick and clean work
of downpacking materials into syringes from 310ml cartridges


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