preeflow® eco-PEN Precision Volumetric Dosing Pump, for Highly Accurate Repeatable Dispensing

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About preeflow® eco-PEN Precision Volumetric Dosing Pump, for Highly Accurate Repeatable Dispensing

The preeflow eco-PEN is a precision volumetric, positive displacement, dosing/dispensing system that gives you accuracy and repeatability by means of a rotor which turns inside a stator. The preeflow eco-PEN uses a progressive cavity pump principle which doses and dispenses a wide range of material viscosities with no stress to the material, and absolute control.


preeflow eco-PENs can be integrated into any of our robotic dispensing systems. The preeflow eco-PEN delivers optimum results when used with Preci-Tips Precision Dispensing Tips.

Features & Benefits

preeflow eco-PEN suck back
Demonstration of controled suck-back
  • Precise, process-stable dispensing as small as 0.001ml (1μl)
  • Highly repeatable and consistent dispensing, with an accuracy of ±1%, >99% of the time
  • Gentle product dosing process using positive displacement
  • Linearly proportional control characteristics
  • Wide control and application range
  • Controlled reverse flow and clean product break
  • Easy system integration, including as part of our archytas series of robot integrations


The preeflow eco-PEN is designed for dot-dispensing, bead application with dispensing rate adjustable to the run speed, and encapsulation applications for:

  • Electronics packaging
  • Semiconductor
  • Medical device assembly
  • Biological chemistry
  • Laboratory
  • Photovoltaic
  • Optics and photonics



eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0 for preeflow eco-pen eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0

The eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0 control system provides total control of preeflow volumetric valves during the dispensing process. It’s designed for either benchtop or rack-mounted location, dependent on the model.

Operating principle

The unit is operated via a bright, 7” touch screen, making it simple to use. External signals can be connected via I/O ports to a PLC for control in automated lines. Up to 100 dosing programs, with part management can be stored locally.

Error messages for filling level and motor current are also monitored (an RS232 interface is provided).

It is possible to control two eco-PEN precision volume dosing units (as a factory-fit option).


  • Quantity and start/stop program
  • Set-volume readout in g or ml
  • Dosing flow readout in ml/min and g/min
  • Storage of up to 100 dosing programs with part management
  • Set pressure and actual pressure readings in bar/psi

Selector Guide

Model Smallest dose Adjust flow rate Weight
eco-PEN XS 180 0.00025 ml (0.25μl) 0.0044 – 0.35 ml/min 175g
eco-PEN300 0.001 ml (1μl) 0.12 – 1.48 ml/min 280g
eco-PEN330 0.002 ml (2μl) 0.2 – 3.30 ml/min 300g
eco-PEN450 0.004 ml (4μl) 0.5 – 6.00 ml/min 300g
eco-PEN600 0.015 ml (15μl) 1.4 – 16.00 ml/min 650g
eco-PEN700 0.060 ml (60μl) 5.3 – 60.00 ml/min 650g
For two part formulations
0.005 ml (5μl) 0.1 – 6.60 ml/min 1230g
For two part formulations
0.010 ml (10μl) 0.2 – 12.00 ml/min 1230g
For two part formulations
0.030 ml (30μl) 0.6 – 32.00 ml/min 1880g

Other Information

Syringe adapter with integrated bleed valve

For use in applications where the chosen material is supplied in syringe barrels, an optional adapter with an integrated bleed valve allows for direct dispensing without the risk of air bubble formation.

Cartridge adapter for preeflow eco-PENs

Made of black anodized aluminium and stainless steel, and FFKM sealing elements, the syringe adapter is compatible with almost all materials and allows for air bubble-free dispensing, even after several syringe barrel changes.

With a 1/8-inch external thread, the adapter is well suited for the eco-PEN, eco-DUO series 300, 330 and 450 and eco-DUOMIX450.


Self-sealing rotor/stator design

See also our Technical Articles and White papers page to download “The “Endless Piston” Pump – Technology for Precision Dispensing” – a whitepaper about this technology.


Stainless Steel Housing Kit

For applications which require the dispensing of aggressive materials such as solvents or plasticisers or abrasive compounds, a stainless steel housing kit is available. Offering improved resistance to fluxes and oxidants as well as organic and inorganic acids below pH4, the robust design of the steel kit extends the lifetime of the eco-PEN 300 and 450, whilst maintaining the accuracy and repeatability of the unit.

Hardwearing by design, the housing kit can withstand repeated cleaning making it suitable for applications carried out within a cleanroom environment.


Set-up and maintenance

Setting up your eco-PEN is fast and straightforward. preeflow have put together an easy to follow video which will guide you during your first set up.

For information on how to maintain and clean your eco-PEN watch preeflows video tutorial.


Case studies

See the preeflow eco-PEN as part of a real application in these dispensing and robotics Case Studies:

Case Study F4300N.1 preeflow eco-PEN GJD Manufacturing Automated dispensing helps security manufacturer increase throughput and quality

GJD Manufacturing switched to an automated method of dispensing silicone for sealing a plastic lens to aluminium housing. By doing this, they improved the throughput and quality of their white-light and infra-red LED illuminators for the security industry.

Case Study F4200N preeflow eco-pen Parkinson Harness Technology Precision dispensing helps electrical manufacturer to reduce waste by improving quality and yield

By switching to an automated dispensing system, this electrical manufacturer reduced scrappage and therefore improved quality and yield of their product.

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
preeflow eco-PEN data sheet for all models 0.55MB Download
preeflow Microdispensing Brochure cover 2.42MB Download
The Endless Piston Pump Technology for Precision Dispensing 0.37MB Download
Case study: Automated dispensing helps security manufacturer increase throughput and quality 1.12MB Download

Ordering Information

Part number Description
VIS20505 preeflow eco-PEN300
VIS21529 preeflow eco-PEN330
VIS20092 preeflow eco-PEN450
VIS20048 preeflow eco-PEN600
VIS20723 preeflow eco-PEN700
VIS21529 preeflow eco-DUO330
VIS20639 preeflow eco-DUO450
VIS21175 preeflow eco-DUO600
VIS22402 preeflow eco-CONTROL EC200-2.0
VIS20326 preeflow eco-REMOTE 232 port for external channel selection
VIS20143 preeflow eco-PEN stand
VIS20145 preeflow holder for eco-PEN 300/450
VIS21750 Syringe adapter for eco-PEN and eco-DUO 300/330/450
VIS21811 Syringe adapter with integrated bleed valve


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