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About Dymax SpeedMask Temporary Masking UV Resins

Replace tape, wax, lacquers and fixtures with Dymax SpeedMask temporary masking resins, which offer reliable protection against most metal finishing processing environments. Their tenacious adhesion seals and protects machined, ground, or polished surfaces during tumbling, peening, abrading or cleaning processes.

Grinding and peening masks eliminate external damage to edges and surfaces and internal cavity FOD. SpeedMask resins also seal cavity openings and prevent contamination from acid, alkaline and plating solutions, as well as the debris from air plasma spray, HVOF, peening and grit blasting.


Features & Benefits

  • Apply and cure in seconds
  • Reduce labour, rework and scrap
  • Easy to automate
  • Environmentally and worker-friendly
  • Metallurgically neutral
  • Minimal capital investment
  • Major OEM approvals


Masking for:

  • Acid Stripping
  • Anodising
  • Chemical Milling
  • Plating

Dymax advanced technology SpeedMask UV resins, curing lamps and accessories simplify regulatory compliance, and bring efficiency and cost reduction to new parts manufacturing, overhaul and repair, turbine and metal finishing, as well as orthopaedic implant, surgical instrument and medical device component processing. Clean burn-off grades and peelable and water soluble masks are available.


DYMAX SpeedMask is applied

DYMAX SpeedMask is applied

DYMAX SpeedMask is cured instantly

Dymax SpeedMask is UV cured instantly

DYMAX SpeedMask is applied and part is ready for processing

Part is ready for processing

DYMAX SpeedMask part is processed

Part is processed

DYMAX SpeedMask is removed from part

DYMAX SpeedMask is removed

DYMAX SpeedMask is removed and part is finished

Part is finished

Selector Guide

Product name Description Viscosity Hardness Appearance
Thermal Plasma Spray
DYMAX 706 · Acid strip and thermal spray-coating mask
· Burn-off removal
43,000 D75 Clear
DYMAX 718 · APS and HVOF resin with aluminium oxide for wear resistance
· Burn-off removal
50,000 D80 White
Blasting Surface Treatment
DYMAX 724 · Low adhesion
· Dry-surface treatment
· NVP free
· Easy peel
70,000 D40 Clear
Mild Plating & Blasting
DYMAX 726-SC · Chemical and heat resistant gel with See-Cure
· Blue to Pink
· Easy peel
45,000 D40 Blue
Plating & Chemical Process
DYMAX 728-G Excellent · Aggressive chemical resistance for plating
· Green in colour
· Peelable
25,000 D55 Green
DYMAX 729 · Plating and harsh chemical mask
· High temperature resistance
· High adhesion
· Burn-off removal
20,000 D70 Clear
DYMAX 7602 Excellent · Plating, anodising, grit blasting and acid stripping
· Colour change upon cure (pink to yellow-green)
· Resistant to strong acids and etchants
· Easy peel-off removal
· LED UV curable
23,000 A76 Pink
Plating, Plasma Spray, Blasting & Anodising
717-R Excellent · Fast curing
· Peel-off after hot-water soak
· Sprayable
· High visibility red colour
· ISO 10993 Cytotoxicity approved
21,000 D60 Red
DYMAX 730-BT · Trimmable
· Aggressive chemical resistance for plating and anodising
· Easy to peel
20,000 D36 Blue
DYMAX 731-REV-A · Aggressive processing mask
· High adhesion
· Bright yellow in colour
· Replacement for 717-R (limited depth of cure)
18,000 D55 Yellow
DYMAX 733 · High adhesion
· Aggressive processing mask
· Faster cure speed than 717-R and 728-G
25,000 D50 Clear

Excellent = Our most popular products in this range


Safety Data Sheets
For the latest SDS for this product, please e-mail msds@intertronics.co.uk

Other Information

See how Dymax SpeedMask works as part of a real application in this Case Study:

Dymax SpeedMask 7601 for aerospace and defense case study Improving masking process for electroless nickel plating in Aerospace and Defense applications

A manufacturer of landing gear and actuation systems for the aerospace market was looking for efficiencies in their electroless nickel plating process. Their wanted to automate the masking process and increase throughput, which they achieved with Dymax SpeedMask 7601 and a Dymax BlueWave 200 UV curing lamp.

Case Study - MTU Aero Engines Dymax SpeedMask preeflow eco-PEN How MTU Aero Engines is using a liquid mask to revolutionise its surface processing

MTU Aero Engines, a leading German manufacturer of military and civil aircraft engines, sought an efficient and repeatable alternative to manually applied masking tapes for their valuable components. By implementing Dymax Speedmask and automated dispensing equipment to the process, the team at MTU greatly increased throughput, reduced costly rejects, and achieved near zero tolerance levels.


See our Technical Articles and White Papers page for a technical whitepaper on Environmentally Safe, UV Curable Masking Resins Reduce Aircraft Component Manufacturing Costs – by Rich Golebiewski, Dymax Corp

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Environmentally Safe, UV Curable Masking Resins Reduce Aircraft Component Processing Costs 0.30MB Download
Case Study - Masking for Electroless Nickel Plating with Dymax SpeedMask 0.33MB Download

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