For a medical device assembly adhesive which also provides the benefits of cyanoacrylate adhesive technology (e.g. single part, fast cure), we recommend you look at Born2Bond Light Lock. Light Lock passes ISO 10993 testing and is also a UV hybrid cyanoacrylate. The UV light curing aspect of Light Lock is useful for a bondline which is non-interfacial or has filets from squeeze-out, ensuring that all the adhesive has fully cured without the requirement for chemical CA activators. This not only improves the health and safety standards of your process, it provides a cleaner, more controlled medical device assembly process.

Born2Bond Light Lock Medical Device

Born2Bond Light Lock is an ISO 10993 cyanoacrylate adhesive for medical device assembly

Cyanoacrylate adhesives (CAs), or “super glues”, have a broad range of applications beyond household repair and basic industrial bonding. This post is part of a blog series in which we highlight our go-to cyanoacrylate adhesives for various jobs. We’d be pleased to offer you advice specific to your application if you get in touch.