What is cyanoacrylate adhesive (CA) blooming, and what can you do about it? That is the subject of our latest White Paper, entitled Managing blooming in an adhesives process.

The article discusses what is blooming, how it happens, and methods to reduce or eliminate it. Importantly, blooming does not affect the integrity of the adhesive bond, but it will be undesirable if aesthetics are important to you, or if the presence of blooming might imply a quality problem to your customer.

If cyanoacrylate adhesive blooming is an issue, consider changing to one of the latest innovative technologies, which can alleviate the problem without conceding adhesive performance. Low odour, low bloom CAs are now available which are fast cure or offer an additional light cure property. Dispensing and environmental control are also important to help get consistent results. Manufacturers who have previously avoided CAs due to their downsides may be able to benefit from these new options, and manufacturers who have struggled to manage blooming may finally have a solution.

Managing blooming in an adhesives processRead it here.