The majority of cyanoacrylate adhesives (CAs) have an operating temperature range up to 80ºC. If your application needs more temperature resistance, and you like the other advantages that CAs can offer, then adhere ADH9105 and adhere ADH9480 rubber-toughened cyanoacrylate adhesives both offer temperature resistance up to 125ºC, making them our most temperature-resistant CAs. Coming in a close second place is Born2Bond Structural, which withstands temperatures up to 120ºC among a host of other features.

adhere ADH9105 cyanoacrylate adhesive

Cyanoacrylate adhesives (CAs), or “super glues”, have a broad range of applications beyond household repair and basic industrial bonding. This is the first post of a new blog series, in which we’ll be highlighting our go-to cyanoacrylate adhesives for various jobs. We’d be pleased to offer you advice specific to your application if you get in touch.