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This silicone dispensing system is set up for dispensing from 310ml cartridges. Suitable for dispensing materials like RTVs and other single part silicones, the preeflow® eco-PEN 300 uses a progressive cavity principle to dispense material with excellent repeatability and accuracy. The  preeflow® eco-PEN 300 is mounted to a benchtop robot for the automation of processes such as gasketing, sealing, potting and more using 1-part silicones, RTVs and solder pastes.

This dispensing system is an example. We would be pleased to help you put together a dispensing system customised for your particular needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for dispensing high viscosity materials
  • Volumetric accuracy of dispense
  • Reduced material stress
  • Improved productivity
  • Repeatable and consistent results
  • System fits easily onto a benchtop
  • Easily programmable using the included teach pendant

Case Studies

Case Study F4300N.1 preeflow eco-PEN GJD Manufacturing Automated dispensing helps security manufacturer increase throughput and quality

GJD Manufacturing switched to an automated method of dispensing silicone for sealing a plastic lens to aluminium housing. By doing this, they improved the throughput and quality of their white-light and infrared LED illuminators for the security industry.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
VIS20505 preeflow eco-PEN 300
VIS20121 preeflow eco-CONTROL EC200-B built in/rack-mounted unit
FISF7400N 400 x 400mm work area 3-axis robot
Enclosure A range of safety enclosures are available with light curtains, interlocked doors, etc.

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Preeflow Microdispensing Brochure 2018 1.99MB
eco-CONTROL EC200-DUO Product Data Sheet 0.91MB
  • Last updated: June 2018
  • Version: 1.1

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