THINKY ARE-312 Mixing and Degassing Machine, Conditioning Planetary Mixer


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About THINKY ARE-312 Mixing and Degassing Machine, Conditioning Planetary Mixer

The THINKY ARE-312 mixing and degassing machine is an industrial non-contact “planetary” mixer for all engineering compounds – liquids, pastes and powders. Using a non-contact mixing principle it mixes, disperses and degases up to 310g of your material in seconds to minutes in sealed or lid-less containers. Using this mixing method the machine is capable of formulating compounds in amounts from 0.5g.

The THINKY ARE-312 is an updated version of our very successful and popular flagship mixer the THINKY ARE-250, which has 100’s of UK installations. The ARE-312 has many improvements, but in particular, it features:

  • Faster mixing and defoaming power with a new high torque, low temperature motor
  • PC connectivity via RS232 for control, monitoring, traceability, and programming
  • 20 memory “recipe” slots with 10 program steps in each slot

The THINKY ARE-312 Mixer enables a mixing and bubble removal processes to occur concurrently. Functioning as a conditioning mixer, it accommodates various substances such as epoxies, silicones, conductive pastes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and many other chemical materials, facilitating efficient mixing and/or bubble removal.

With its Multi-Step Mixing capability, you can set up to ten distinct mixing and degassing recipes (time and speed per mode) within one batch cycle. This precise process control not only enhances formulation quality but also minimises human errors or operator dependencies. Additionally, the mixer features built-in data logging through PC connectivity, offering precise data outputs including mixer RPM, selected mixing mode and active recipe information.

Cooled or heated materials can be processed with special adapters. The ARE-312 can accept syringes up to 55ml or up to 75ml (2.5oz) cartridges with optional adapters. THINKY mixers with vacuum capability and larger mixers are also available.

Improved motor
The updated motor in the ARE-312 gives improved mixing and defoaming/degassing power. With speeds up to 2200rpm for mixing and 2400rpm for degassing, faster mixes are possible. Capabilities for high-speed mixing are enhanced, even with highly filled/high mass materials, and the internal temperature rise is suppressed.

Computer connection
Via the RS232 port, using the included software, the ARE-312 has these functions:

  • Programming
    “Recipes” can be edited on a connected computer. Recipe files are exported to/imported from the ARE-312. A recipe lock function is available.
  • Controlling
    Remote control and start/stop operation. Traceability functions include reports on operating status, error history and operating history.
  • Monitoring
    In conjunction with the THINKY Multi-Sensor, monitoring and recording of temperature, rotation speed and revolution speed.

In addition to the standard revolution, vibration and door sensors, the ARE-312 has an impact sensor. The lid now has two latches for added security.

Features & Benefits

Loading a mixing up into an THINKY ARE 312

  • For low, medium and high viscosity materials with various densities as well as powders
  • Simultaneous homogeneous dispersion and degassing in one batch
  • Process in seconds to minutes
  • Mix in your containers such as jars, barrels, cartridges, syringes or tubes
  • Remove voids and re-disperses filled materials packed in syringes
  • Non-invasive, bladeless processing ends the risk of cross contamination between batches
  • Process from 0.5ml – save valuable material and reduce wastage
  • Re-mixing of separated materials to prolong shelf life
  • Vacuum-less processing, degassing and de-aeration
  • No damage to material unlike with the use of rollers, mixing blades or propellers
  • No unit cleaning between batches eliminates non-productive work


The THINKY ARE-312 can be used to formulate and mix adhesives, sealants, moulding compounds, lubricants, slurries, coatings, inks, paints, abrasives, bio chemicals, cements, medical compounds, cosmetics/personal care materials, detergents, conductive pastes, dental materials, foods, construction materials, battery slurry and electrode slurries, or any other materials which are hard to mix, hard to degas, or hard to wet. These include mixing powders and particles (including nanoparticles) into liquids and pastes.

Here are some examples of applications for the THINKY ARE-312:

Epoxy resin Epoxy resin mix
Epoxy resin, hardener and aluminium powder are mixed in 6.5 minutes. Ingredients are dispersed evenly.
Solder Paste Solder paste mix
Creamy solder paste with no air bubbles is made from solder powder and flux. Processed with ARE-250 in 45 seconds.
Cosmetics Cosmetics mix
Ingredients for face cake, wax and coloured iron oxide, are mixed completely with the ARE-250 in 5 minutes.
Ointment Ointment mix
Mixing yellow pigment into zinc oxide without solvent. It dispersed homogeneously with the ARE-250 in 20 seconds.


Minimum material capacity 0.5g
Maximum mixing volume 300ml container: 250ml / 250g (310g gross)
Timer Set up to 30 minutes, 1 second increments
Programming Mixing and/or degassing mode, multi-step mixing, speed changer
Memory 10 memory slots are available for different 20 batch cycles. Programmed mixing procedure can be recalled in a second.
External communication RS232 serial port
Safety features Lid sensor, vibration sensor, impact sensor, CE marked
Operating environment 10 to 35 ℃, 35 to 85 % RH(without condensation)
Weight 21kg
Dimensions (mm) H390 X W300 X D300mm
Power requirements 230V +/- 10% 50Hz

Other Information

See how THINKY mixers work as part of real applications in these metering and mixing Case Studies:

ETH Zurich University - THINKY ARE-250 for 3D printing materials THINKY ARE-250 mixes 3D printing materials homogeneously

A team of material scientists at ETH Zurich University have been developing new materials for 3D printing which deliver additional functionality. To ensure that the source material mixes homogeneously with the fillers, they use the THINKY ARE-250 mixer.

Case Study Thinky ARE-250 James Kent web Effective mixing of specialist glass powders with a high viscosity acrylic resin

Consistent high quality mixing and improved degassing of powders into resins advanced the process capabilities of a ceramic materials company.


Thinky introduction presentation Getting to know THINKY Mixers
Download a presentation which describes how THINKY Mixers work, and what benefits they can deliver to you.

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
THINKY ARE-312 Product Data Sheet 0.34MB Download
THINKY Mixer Catalogue 5.15MB Download
THINKY Container and Adapter List 1.20MB Download
How to choose a Thinky mixer 0.21MB Download
An-introduction-to-planetary-centrifugal-mixers 0.86MB Download
THINKY Multi-Sensor PDS 1.17MB Download

Ordering Information

Part number Description
THIARE-312 Thinky Mixer ARE-312
Includes 3 x THI300ML 300ml jars, 1 x THI150ML 150ml jar and 1 x THI250AD-201 adapter, software
Containers Adapter
THI300ML 300ml HDPE thick wall jar with inner lid & cap – re-usable None
THI150ML 150ml HDPE thick wall jar with inner lid & cap – re-usable THI250AD-201
THI240ML 240ml Polypropylene jar and screw cap THI250AD-8OZ
Container adapters
THI250AD-3S Adapter for EFD-type 3ml syringe
THI250AD-5S Adapter for EFD-type 5ml syringe
THI250AD-10S Adapter for EFD-type 10ml syringe
THI250AD-30S Adapter for EFD-type 30ml syringe
THI250AD-50S Adapter for EFD-type 55ml syringe
THI250AD-201 Adapter for THI150ML HDPE container
THI250AD-8OZ Adapter for THI240ML Polypropylene container
THI250AD-2.5S Adapter for 2.5oz (~75ml) cartridge

We have many other containers of different sizes, as well as as adapters for cool or hot mixing. Custom adapters are available for your own unique containers.


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