THINKY ARV-310 Mixing and Vacuum Degassing Machine, Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixing



The THINKY ARV-310 is an industrial non-contact “planetary” mixer for all engineering compounds. This vacuum degassing machine mixes, disperses and degasses up to 310g of material to high levels in seconds to minutes, removing any micro-bubbles using an integral vacuum function. Mixing takes place in a sealed or lid-less container such as a jar, beaker, syringe tube or cartridge. The non-contact mixing principle makes it possible to formulate compounds from very small amounts such as 0.5ml to large production scales.

Caution must be taken to prevent foaming and messy overflows when manually degassing using vacuum. In the THINKY, materials don’t overflow because they are pressed to the side wall of the container during the simultaneous mixing procedure.

“The Thinky mixer and Fisnar robotic dispenser enabled us to achieve high accuracy process windows, due to the consistency of the mix and the positioning of the dispense, which are both critical to the light output.” – Carl Withers, Plessey Semiconductors

Normal vacuum degassing after mixing
Normal vacuum degassing after mixing

Rotation, revolution & vacuum mixing
Rotation, revolution & vacuum mixing

Features & Benefits

  • Fast mixing
  • Degas and remove bubbles at the same time
  • Mix in your product container
  • Non-invasive
  • From low viscosity to semi-solid materials
  • Dry particle mixing
  • Syringe degassing
  • No cleaning between batches
  • Consistent quality with all digital controls
  • Multi-step mixing
  • Hands-free processing
  • CE marked


After mixing - completely homogeneous
After mixing – completely homogeneous (2000rpm @ 0.7kPa for 5 minutes)

THINKY 100 x magnification after curing
After curing – 100x magnification (2000rpm @ 0.7kPa for 5 minutes)

Our customers use the mixer to formulate and mix a multitude of different products including:

  1. adhesives
  2. sealants
  3. moulding compounds
  4. lubricants
  5. slurries
  6. coatings
  7. inks
  8. paints
  9. abrasives
  10. bio-chemicals
  11. cements
  12. medical compounds
  13. cosmetics/personal care materials
  14. detergents
  15. conductive pastes
  16. dental materials
  17. foods
  18. construction materials
  19. any other materials which are hard to mix, hard to degas, or hard to wet


Maximum material mixing volume is 250ml in the vacuum state and 300ml in the air state without vacuum. Maximum centrifugal power of the ARV-310 is 400G, which is produced from 2,000 rpm and the 9cm diameter arc of the container rotation. Revolution is adjustable in a range of 0.200-2,000 rpm and the ratio of the revolution to the rotation of the cup holder is fixed at a 2:1 ratio.

The ARV-310 mixes in the vacuum chamber and includes the vacuum pump. The vacuum pressure can be programmed in torr or kPa to a maximum of 5 torr in 0.1 torr increments. The ARV-310 can store 9 recipe profiles. Each profile has 5 programmable steps for continuous mixing in either air or vacuum. Total processing time per profile is up to 30 minutes and each step can be programmed in 1 second increments.

Other Information

See how the THINKY ARV-310 works as part of a real application in this metering and mixing Case Study:

Case Study - THINKY ARV-310 LED Plessey Semiconductors Material mixing and dispensing prove key for LED production quality

Plessey Semiconductors transitioned to a full production phase of their LEDs by using automated mixing and dispensing equipment.



Thinky introduction presentation Getting to know THINKY Mixers
Download a presentation which describes how THINKY Mixers work, and what benefits they can deliver to you.


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Ordering Information

Part number Description
THIARV-310CE THINKY Mixer ARV-310 Mixing and Vacuum Degassing Machine
Includes 3 x THI300ML-HOLE 300ml jars, 1 x THI150ML-HOLE 150ml jar and 1 x THI250AD-201 adapter

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