The preeflow eco-DUO high precision volumetric metering, mixing and dispensing unit measures, mixes and dispenses a wide range of materials for two-component dispensing with absolute control. The preeflow eco-DUO 330, preeflow eco-DUO 450 and eco-DUO 600 are two-component precision volumetric, positive displacement, dosing/mixing/dispensing systems that give you accuracy and repeatability using a progressive cavity pump principle.

The preeflow eco-DUO uses the precision dispensing technology of the preeflow eco-PEN; by integrating two eco-PENS through a manifold and a static mixing nozzle, the eco-DUO provides extremely precise metering, mixing and dispensing of critical two-part materials like epoxies and silicones.

We can integrate the preeflow eco-DUO 330, preeflow eco-DUO 450 and eco-DUO 600 into any robotic dispensing system.



Features & Benefits

  • Genuine volumetric meter, mix and dispense dosing
  • Accuracy of ±1%, >99% of the time
  • Viscosity independent
  • Suck back effect
  • Easy to clean
  • Controllable dosing flow


  • Electronics packaging
  • Semiconductor
  • Medical
  • Biological chemistry
  • Laboratory
  • Photovoltaic
  • Optics and photonics


EC200 DUO controller
The eco-CONTROL EC200-DUO offers a wide range of applications for the eco-DUO450 and eco-DUO600.

Operating Principle
The eco-CONTROL EC200-DUO control unit has been developed and tested for accurate work with the eco-DUO 2K precision volume dispenser. The control unit has a variety of configuration options such as dosing, dispensing time and mixing ratio. All production-related values can be stored and changed at any time. The operation takes place over an intuitive graphical user interface. An integrated pressure control ensures the optimum process safety of the system. There is also the possibility of data exchange with a USB interface.


  1. Quantity program
  2. Start / stop program
  3. Time program
  4. Mixing ratio up to 10:1
  5. Adjustable mixer sizes
  6. Adjustable individual pot life
  7. Flush out or empty shot
  8. Manual / automatic calibration
  9. Desired-volume display in grams or millilitres
  10. Dosage flow rate display in millilitres per minute or grams per minute
  11. Storage of PDM-supported dosing programs
  12. Desired-pressure and actual-pressure display in Bar or Psi
  13. Digital clock

Selector Guide

Model Accuracy of dosing Repeat accuracy Mixture ratio Min. dosing quantity Volume flow
eco-DUO 330 ± 1% > 99% 1:1 to 10:1 0.005 millilitres 0.1 to 6.6 millilitres per minute
eco-DUO 450 ± 1% > 99% 1:1 to 10:1 0.01 millilitres 0.2 to 12 millilitres per minute
eco-DUO 600 ± 1% > 99% 1:1 to 10:1 0.03 millilitres 0.6 to 32 millilitres per minute

Other Information

Cartridge adapter

For applications where the material is supplied in syringe barrels, an optional cartridge adapter with an integrated ventilation system allows for direct dispensing from the syringe. With a 1/8 inch external thread, the adapter is ideally suited for the eco-PEN and eco-DUO series 300, 330 and 450. With the help of a reducer the adapter can also be used with the 600 and 700 series.

Cartridge adapter for preeflow eco-PENs

Made of black anodized aluminium and stainless steel, and FFKM sealing elements, the cartridge adapter is compatible with almost all materials. By means of a standardized Luer-lock connection (1), the material cartridge can be quickly attached to the adapter. The adapter itself can be turned by 360° without resistance until the final lock with the help of the hexagon screw (2), and thus allows the user a maximum degree of mobility and flexibility. With the aid of a small piece of hose (Øi 4mm) which is plugged onto the hose nipple (3) and by opening the bleed screw (4), the air can escape from the pump housing and any excess material can be quickly and cleanly disposed of together with the hose piece. In this way, air bubble-free dispensing can continue even after several cartridge changes.

Helpful Resources

See how the preeflow eco-DUO 450 works as part of a real application in this dispensing Case Study:

Case Study - preeflow eco-DUO BPR Medical preeflow® eco-DUO volumetric adhesive dispensing helps ensure integrity of lifesaving medical device

A medical application using volumetric dispensing equipment to ensure the high quality and efficient production of a life saving cannula valve.


See also our Technical Articles and White papers page for the following white paper and more:

The “Endless Piston” Pump – Technology for Precision Dispensing by Peter Swanson


Ordering Information

Part number Description
VIS21529 preeflow eco-DUO 330
VIS20081 preeflow eco-DUO 450
VIS20048 preeflow eco-DUO 600
VIS20641 preeflow eco-CONTROL EC200 DUO dispense controller
VIS 21626 eco-DUO330 Package
incl. eco-DUO 330, eco-CONTROL EC200 DUO, 2 x pressure sensors
VIS 20646 eco-DUO450 Package
incl. eco-DUO 450, eco-CONTROL EC200 DUO, 2 x pressure sensors
VIS 21204 eco-DUO600 Package
incl. eco-DUO 600, eco-CONTROL EC200 DUO, flowscreen control panel
VIS21750 Cartridge/syringe adapter for eco-PEN and eco-DUO 300/330/450
VIS21811 Cartridge/syringe adapter with vent valve

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
preeflow eco-DUO330 High Precision Volumetric Mixing and Dispensing System Product Data Sheet 0.20MB
preeflow eco-DUO450 High Precision Volumetric Mixing and Dispensing System Product Data Sheet 0.95MB
preeflow eco-DUO600 preeflow High Precision Volumetric Mixing and Dispensing System Product Data Sheet 1.19MB
eco-CONTROL EC200-DUO Product Data Sheet 0.91MB
Preeflow Microdispensing Brochure 2018 1.99MB
The Endless Piston Pump Technology for Precision Dispensing 0.35MB
preeflow® eco-DUO volumetric adhesive dispensing helps ensure integrity of lifesaving medical device 1.15MB
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  • Version: 6.1

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