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About THINKY Containers and Adapters

THINKY containers and adapters are designed to help optimise material processing in THINKY planetary mixers. The containers come in a variety of sizes, from 12 ml to 550 ml, and mix and degas materials of different characteristics.

The adapters are designed to hold different containers, from cups to syringes. There are also adapters in the range which can be specifically used for cooling and heat-resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • A range of containers to suit the type and volume of materials
  • A variety of adapters best suited to work alongside the containers
  • Containers and adapters created to optimise material processing
  • Custom-made adapters available based on your operating environment and the material characteristics


ARE-400 TWIN ARE-500 ARV-310 ARV-5000 SR-500 ARV-930 TWIN
12 ml wide mouth ointment jar with cap
35 ml wide mouth ointment jar with cap
58 ml wide mouth ointment jar with cap
90 ml container
100 ml disposable cup
200 ml disposable cup
150 ml container
150 ml stainless steel container
240 ml container
300 ml container
550 ml container
4000 ml container

〇 : Adapter required
●   : No adapter required


Model ARM-310
ARE-400 TWIN ARE-500 ARV-310 SR-500 Container Remark
For Standard Containers
THI250AD-3OZ 90 ml container
THI250AD-8OZ 240 ml container
THI250AD-100DSP 100 ml disposable cup
THI250AD-200DSP 200 ml disposable cup
THI250AD-201 150 ml container, 500 g Solder paste
THI250AD-HEAT 150 ml stainless steel heat-resistant
For Syringes & Barrels
THI250AD-3S,5S,10S,30S 3 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 20/30 ml Syringe (QuantX, EFD, MUSASHI, IEI)
THI250AD-50S (*) (*) 50/55 ml Syringe (QuantX, EFD, MUSASHI, IEI)
THI250AD-100BS SEMCO-type 2.5 oz (~75ml) cartridge
For Ointment Containers
THI250AD-NAN-U UG 12 ml, 24 ml, 35 ml, 58 ml, 125 ml


Custom Adapters

Our in-house technical team are able to produce custom adapters to suit your own containers and the THINKY machine you are using.

Here is a 3D model example of an adapter that we have created specifically for a customer’s application.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch with a member of our technical sales team

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  • Version: 1.2

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