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About 2-K-DOS Metering, Mixing and Dispensing System

The 2-K-DOS Metering, Mixing and Dispensing System accurately meters, mixes and dispenses two-component materials like potting compounds, encapsulants, casting materials and adhesives. The two components are precisely metered using gear pump technology, programmable from a simple control panel. The mix ratio, dispensing rate and dispensed quantity can be set-up quite accurately, providing consistent, error-free metering, mixing and dispensing. The control panel is menu-driven and password protected.

The 2-K-DOS is designed with a unique modular approach, for simple configuration and maintenance. Each machine is built to match your material and process, with appropriate material reservoir sizes and dispensing hose lengths. Reservoir options include agitation, heating and drying (the latter for moisture sensitive materials like polyurethanes).

Material is fed from the two integrated gravity-fed reservoirs through the gear pumps where it is accurately metered, through flexible hoses to a dispensing head. Industry standard static mixing nozzles are used for homogeneous mixing. The mixture is free of air bubbles.


This metering, mixing and dispensing system is configured for bench top operation, triggered by a fingertip switch or foot pedal. It can also be configured to work with automation for consistently dispensed amounts and accurate placement.

The 2-K-DOS Metering, Mixing and Dispensing System is able to process a number of materials including silicones, polyurethanes and epoxies.

Features & Benefits

Fritz Giebler 2-K-DOS dispensing machine touch screen controller

  • Able to process mixing ratios from 1:1 to 10:1
  • Air-free
  • Straightforward integration with robotics or automation
  • Digitally controlled shot size and flow rate for precision
  • Storage for up to 99 different programs
  • Built-in level monitoring system
  • Material pot life alarm with automatic purge function to maintain fresh material in the mixing nozzle
  • Configured to your material and process
  • Reservoir heating and agitation options keep materials flowable, consistent and ready to use
  • Modular design means easy maintenance and repair


2-K-DOS Dispensing System

  • Electronics and LED potting and encapsulation
  • Casting
  • Form-in-place gasketing
  • Adhesive dots and beads


Mixing ratio 1:1 to 10:1
Dispensing rate 20 – 1,000 g/min
Shot size ≥ 2g
Container sizes 4, 10, 15 litres
Dimensions (w x d x h) 320 x 320 x 700 mm
Weight 35 kg
Length of dispensing hose from 90cm up to 3m
Line voltage 110-230 V
Power consumption 150 VA

Other Information

See the 2-K-DOS as part of a real application in these dispensing and robotics Case Studies:

Case Study 2-K-DOS Bulk Tainer Potting a bespoke telematics system

Bulk Tainer Logistics required a material which offered ATEX certification and high levels of environmental protection to pot their sophisticated smart monitoring device. By utilising a 2-K-DOS metering, mixing and dispensing system and a flame retardant compound Bulk Tainer Logistics was able to establish an easy, robust, and repeatable process.

Potting compound and accurate, reliable dispensing for automotive lighting Potting compound and accurate, reliable dispensing for automotive lighting

Requiring a potting compound which could provide environmental protection to their high-powered outdoor LED lights, lighting manufacturer Venta Global selected IRS 3078 and a metering, mixing, and dispensing system to create a straightforward and repeatable process.

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