preeflow® eco-SPRAY High Precision Volumetric Dosing Unit, Spray Dispensing System

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About preeflow eco-SPRAY Spray Dispensing System

The preeflow eco-SPRAY spray dispensing system combines the reliable preeflow endless piston principle with a low-flow spray chamber, resulting in highly accurate spraying of low to high viscosity fluids with high edge definition. Based on preeflow’s proven rotor/stator dispensing technology, the eco-SPRAY provides superior process control.

This dispenser offers flexibility thanks to viscosity independence and a variable spraying pattern, as well as cost savings due to reduced waste and altogether higher process reliability than standard spraying technology.

The eco-SPRAY is capable of precisely nebulizing and spraying on either a continuous or intermittent basis. It offers a constant amount dispensed per area, uniform coating, and controllable round spray alongside technical features including defined quantity spraying, viscosity and primary pressure independent spraying and a controllable spray area.

preeflow eco-SPRAY set up with controllers

We can integrate the preeflow eco-SPRAY into any robotic dispensing system.

Features & Benefits

  • eco-SPRAY PCB board conformal coating applicationViscosity-independent spraying
  • Spraying of defined quantity, regardless of primary pressure
  • Controllable round spray area, with little overspray and high edge definition
  • Constant amount/area and consistent spray-image results in uniform coating
  • High chemical resistance allows a variety of media from low to high viscosity: grease, adhesives, ink, silicones, abrasive media, highly filled media, activators/primers
  • Low maintenance system which is easy to clean


  • Dosing
  • Greasing
  • Coating
  • Marking
  • Micro-nebulisation



Dimensions 228mm high, 35mm diameter
Spray accuracy ± 1%
Repeat accuracy > 99%
Min. spray quantity 0.05ml
Volume flow 0.5ml to 6ml per minute
Diameter 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm
Material infeed 1/8″ cylindrical whitworth pipe thread DIN/ISO 228
Parts with medium contact HD-POM/Stainless Steel/PEEK
Min. operating pressure 0 bar, self-levelling fluid
Max. operating pressure 0 to 6 bar input pressure, non-self-levelling fluid
Intrinsic tightness Approx. 2 bar (reference medium approx. 10 mPas at 20° C)
Seals High-molecular PE, VisChem
Motor 18 to 24 V/DC, incremental encoder, planetary gears
Switching frequency Over 100 cycles/min
Operating conditions +10°C to +40°C, air pressure 1 bar
Medium temperature +10°C to +40°C, air pressure 1 bar
Medium viscosity Low to high viscosity media
Atomizer air 0.1 to 6 bar
Atomizer supply Hose connector external diameter 4mm (connection to the process M5)
Spray image Round spray (adjustable)
Spray angle 15 to 30°

Other Information

See also our Technical Articles and White papers page to download “The “Endless Piston” Pump – Technology for Precision Dispensing” – a whitepaper about this technology.

All Downloads

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preeflow® eco-SPRAY Product Data Sheet 2.08MB
preeflow Microdispensing Brochure cover 2.42MB
The Endless Piston Pump Technology for Precision Dispensing 0.37MB

Ordering Information

Part number Description
VIS21448 preeflow eco-SPRAY
VIS21499 preeflow eco-SPRAY controller


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