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Having spent more than 30 years working with adhesives and protective materials in technology manufacturing, and with experience of thousands of applications, we have a wealth of knowledge to we want to share. In a bid to help grow your adhesives, dispensing, and curing technology knowledge, we are offering seminars which share our insights, helping you to fully understand the underlying technology of both your materials and dispensing equipment, enabling greater confidence and self-sufficiency moving forward. The seminars are delivered by our Head of Learning and Development, Kevin Brownsill.

For example, Kevin recently ran two seminars for more than 40 engineers at Jaguar Land Rover. The first, The Art and Science of Choosing a Structural Adhesive, looked at how to evaluate which adhesive is best for a given application, starting with design and working through production and processing considerations. The second, Adhesives and Coating Dispensing, discussed the challenges involved in the application of adhesives and protective materials, including demands on production speed, the ever-finer tolerances and repeatability required for quality, and the increasing miniaturisation of technology-based products. The team has also run a tailored seminar for a medical device manufacturer in Ireland on UV & Light Curing Technology.

“The seminars our staff received were extremely valuable. We wanted to give our engineers a strong foundational knowledge of adhesives and what considerations must be made in the automotive industry — that’s exactly what we got. I’ve had great feedback from our engineers, who are already putting the knowledge into practice.” – Malina Andreea Dunitru, Process Engineer (Manufacturing Research & Technology Development) at Jaguar Land Rover.

Training can be created at customer request, covering any of our core industries and capabilities, such as adhesives, coatings, or encapsulants, medical device bonding, dispensing automation, UV curing, surface preparation, productivity, and more. Sessions can be held at a business’ premises, online or at our Technology Centre in Kidlington near Oxford.

“For us, it’s a win-win scenario. By providing these seminars, our customers get to manufacture better products more efficiently, meanwhile we get the opportunity to learn from our customers too. It really serves to increase our mutual understanding of each other.” – Kevin Brownsill, Head of Technical: Learning and Development at Intertronics

Intrigued about the science behind your adhesives and making the best selection and processing decisions? We can help with that.