Cyanoacrylate adhesives (CAs) are renown for being thin, watery liquids. That is their nature. This doesn’t help when your bondline is wider than ideal, or varies into larger gaps. In these cases, you will want a CA which has an unusually higher, thicker viscosity – and these do exist.

CAs are now available in a range of different viscosities for gap filling. Born2Bond Structural, Born2Bond Flex and Born2Bond Ultra all offer high-viscosity formulations for gap filling. The high viscosity adhere ADH9454 CA gel, for example, prevents running on inclined or vertical surfaces during its 3 to 60 second fixture time, enables gap filling up to 0.5 mm, and minimises the absorption of adhesive into porous substrates to ensure a good bond.

If you’re actually filling a hole or carrying out repairs, Born2Bond Repair is one of our favourite gap-filling cyanoacrylate adhesives. It offers the bonus feature of being quite hard when cured (Shore D 67), and is therefore being machinable, drillable and paintable – within a few minutes. Born2Bond Repair is also low shrinkage, helping to ensure that the gaps and holes are filled completely and efficiently. It finds applications in the automotive aftermarket, for example.

car bumper being repaired with B2B repair adhesive

Cyanoacrylate adhesives (CAs), or “super glues”, have a broad range of applications beyond household repair and basic industrial bonding. This post is part of a blog series in which we highlight our go-to cyanoacrylate adhesives for various jobs. We’d be pleased to offer you advice specific to your application if you get in touch.