Our partners at Born2Bond have been busy improving the functionality and sustainability of their cyanoacrylate adhesives (CAs). As a result, Born2BondTM Ultra, the fastest-bonding MECA-based CA, now has “significantly improved” performance when used to bond metal substrates such as grit-blasted mild steel (GBMS) and aluminium. The metal bonding improvements can be seen across all viscosities of Born2Bond Ultra, including LV, MV, HV and Gel. The bond strength to GBMS is 20-21 MPa depending on which viscosity of Born2Bond Ultra you use.

B2B Ultra Full Range

The improved formulation still offers you the same benefits of:

  • high bonding strength even in places subject to flexing
  • low odour and low blooming
  • long open time
  • transparency

All this alongside a market-leading fixture time of 5-15 seconds (gap and substrate dependent). There is no change in safety labelling either, with your production team enjoying the non-hazardous, non-irritant nature of this friendly, easy-to-use adhesive.

Born2Bond Ultra has numerous applications, including:

  • plastics, rubber and metal bonding
  • loudspeaker and motor assembly
  • electronic component bonding and PCB assembly
  • leather bonding
  • automotive aftermarket
  • rubber seals

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Visit our product page for Born2Bond Ultra Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, and let us know if you’d like to try a sample.