IDM HDV120 and IDM HDV130 handheld diaphragm dispensing valvesOur IDM HDV Handheld Diaphragm Dispensing Valves are suitable for applications which demand accurate dispensing of adhesives alongside the flexibility of manual operation. They provide controlled dosing, and offer a number of benefits over other dispensing methods such as:

  • Accurate dispensing of low viscosity fluids such as cyanoacrylates
  • Comfortable shape for handheld operation
  • Pneumatic or lever-actuated versions available

The IDM HDV-130 Handheld Diaphragm Dispensing Valve is an air actuated valve in an ergonomic pen-style format to allow you to manually apply a variety of fluids. The valve uses a spring-loaded piston to actuate a “floating” diaphragm that controls fluid flow, offering accurate and repeatable dispensing. The handle is shaped like a pen to allow comfortable control over the fluid flow and easy manipulation to dispense onto complex substrates.

With wetted parts all constructed from low surface energy plastics (POM, PTFE and PE), the valve is compatible with low viscosity fluids such as cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, conformal coatings, solvents, inks, UV adhesives, lacquers and varnishes.

The pneumatically actuated IDM HDV-130 typically uses a dispensing controller to provide accurate, repeatable dispensing. A lever-actuated version, the IDM HDV-120, is also available.

To discuss whether the IDM HDV-130 or IDM HDV-120 valve would be suitable for your production line, contact our product specialists.

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