For automated or semi-automated applications involving preeflow’s range of precision volumetric dosing valves, which require the use of several different pre-programmed flow rates or shot sizes (or both), the preeflow eco-REMOTE can be used.  

The eco-REMOTE is an interface between the preeflow eco-CONTROL control system and an external controller (e.g. a PLC). It allows the activation of the dispensing programs that are in the memory of the control system. When paired with one of our dispensing robots, for example, a combination of outputs from the I/O interface call up to 24 individual programs automatically from the eco-CONTROL. These saved programs allow the robot to continue its process, seamlessly transitioning between varying dispensed shot sizes or flow rates without operator intervention. Using the eco-REMOTE, you can streamline your production processes, reducing the delays of batch producing products using single dispensing programs. 

preeflow products across the eco-PENeco-DUO and eco-SPRAY ranges can be utilised alongside the eco-REMOTE, allowing manufacturers with more complex processes to save time and human resource. 

The good news is that this functionality is included in the latest preeflow ecoController EC200 2.0 as standard.

If you feel your production process could benefit from the addition of the eco-REMOTE, get in touch with our technical sales team. 

Categories: dispensing, robotics