uv cure electronics encapsulantDymax UV cure electronics encapsulants with secondary moisture cure resolve the challenge of encapsulating chip and component geometries which have shadowed areas under component bodies or leads. The bulk of the material cures in seconds with light, while the balance cures with ambient moisture.

Light-curable formulations are becoming increasingly popular due to their significant benefits over competing technologies, like two-part thermal cure epoxies. These dual-curable encapsulants cure tack-free in seconds when exposed to UV light and offer lower operating costs and increased productivity driven by simplified process and improved throughput.

A white paper from Dymax, entitled, High-Performance, Light and Moisture Dual-Curable Encapsulant puts several encapsulants through their paces in tests involving heat, humidity and thermal shock resistance, highlighting the technical capability of this technology.

If you are looking to protect your sensitive electronics from the risks they will experience throughout their lifetime, reach out to our team for material selection, application, and cure advice.



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