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About THINKY ARV-501 Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixer

The THINKY ARV-501 is a mid-sized mixer able to homogeneously mix all engineering compounds including silicones, adhesives, conductive pastes, pharmaceuticals and many other materials. It operates using THINKY’s industrial non-contact “planetary” mixing technology, and is able to mix, disperse and degas up to 700g of material within minutes, eliminating any micro-bubbles.

Thinky ARV-501 vacuum mixer no standThinky ARV-501 without optional PU-501 stand

The ARV-501 has an optional stand, the ARV-PU501, which includes a built in vacuum pump. Mixing can be achieved under vacuum by using the ARV-PU501 or another external vacuum pump in order to achieve a completely bubble-free result. Mixing and degassing can be done without vacuum by using the two standard modes, “mixing” and “defoaming”. Non-vacuum mixing is useful for solvented  or highly volatile materials, or for when a less critical mix is needed. THINKY’s cup holder vacuum design minimises the overall vacuum volume, and so keeps the process time required to achieve vacuum and to restore atmospheric pressure to a minimum.

The ARV-501 comes with 550ml HDPE thick wall jars, including inner lid & cap, as standard. There is a standard version with a hole in the cap to facilitate vacuum mixing.  Materials can be mixed in other sealed or lid-less containers such as jars, beakers, syringes or cartridges; we provide adaptors so they fit in the ARV-501.

The THINKY ARV-501’s multi-step mixing feature allows 20 different programs to be set containing mixing and degassing conditions (time and speed per mode) in a single batch cycle. These programs are set up and stored using the inbuilt touch screen control panel. RS232 connectivity allows recording of each process for traceability, start/stop, program editing, etc.


This Technical Bulletin, Vacuum Mixing & Degassing, discusses the differences between non-vacuum and vacuum Thinky mixers and processes, and when they are needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Thinky ARV-501 cup holder design showing vacuum hook up
    Thinky ARV-501 cup holder design showing vacuum hook up

    Simultaneous process of mixing, dispersion and degassing in one batch

  • Mix in your product container
  • Vacuum and non-vacuum defoaming mode
  • Non-invasive, no propeller or stirrer
  • Small footprint
  • RS232 connectivity for traceability
  • From low viscosity to semi-solid materials
  • Dry particle mixing
  • Syringe degassing
  • No cleaning between batches
  • Consistent quality with all digital controls
  • Multi-step mixing
  • Hands-free processing
  • Fast vacuum process


Our customers use the mixer to formulate and mix a multitude of different products including:

  • adhesives
  • sealants
  • moulding compounds
  • lubricants
  • slurries
  • coatings
  • inks
  • paints
  • abrasives
  • bio-chemicals
  • cements
  • medical compounds
  • cosmetics/personal care materials
  • detergents
  • conductive pastes
  • dental materials
  • foods
  • any other materials which are hard to mix, degas, or wet


Method Vacuum type propellerless rotation and revolution mixing method
Range of operation time From 00 minutes 00 seconds to 30 minutes 00 seconds
(total operation time can be set at maximum 30 minutes in units of 1 second)
Revolution speed Maximum 2000 rpm
Rotation speed Maximum 870 rpm
Number of programmes 20 memories (10 steps can be registered in each)
Maximum mixing volume 550ml container: 500ml / 700g
Vacuum system Vacuum system within container holder
Dimensions H 815 x W 500 x D 601mm
Weight Approximately 110kg
Power supply Single-phase AC 200 – 240V +/- 10% 50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption On standby: approximately 50 VA
During operation: maximum 2000 VA
Display unit Touch panel (4.3 inches)
Communication function Data collection function (traceability)
Operation start and stop
Program editing and saving
Other Real-time display of rpm during operation
Ability to assign program names


Other Information

Thinky introduction presentation Getting to know THINKY Mixers
Download a presentation which describes how THINKY Mixers work, and what benefits they can deliver to you.

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
THINKY ARV-501 Product Data Sheet 1.99MB Download
THINKY Mixer Catalogue 5.15MB Download
THINKY Container and Adapter List 1.20MB Download
An-introduction-to-planetary-centrifugal-mixers 0.86MB Download
THINKY Multi-Sensor PDS 1.17MB Download

Ordering Information

Part number Description
THIARV-501CE THINKY ARV-501 Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixer
includes 1 x THI550ML-01 550ml jar, 2 x THI550ML-01-HOLE 550ml jars, instruction manual and set-up tools
THIPU-501CE THINKY ARV-501 Vacuum Pump Unit/Stand (optional)
THI550ML-01 550ml HDPE thick wall jar with inner lid & cap
THI550ML-01-HOLE 550ml HDPE thick wall jar with inner lid & cap – hole in cap for vacuum mixing


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