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About THINKY ARM-310 Engineering Compounds Mixer

The THINKY ARM-310 engineering compounds mixer provides consistent mixing results with simple operation and no mixing implements to clean. Like the rest of our THINKY mixing machines, the THINKY ARM-310 uses planetary centrifugal motion to quickly and homogeneously disperse engineering compounds such as adhesives, sealants, lubricants, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals. Mixing takes place in removable containers, meaning that there is no mess to clean up after mixing, thereby saving valuable time and avoiding cross-contamination.

Upgrade your mixing process to one that is automated, works in seconds to minutes, and provides the same mixing results every time, with a fast return on investment compared to manual mixing. Mixing programs can be stored in the mixer’s memory for easy operator use.

For compounds which require degassing or vacuuming, please see the other mixers in our THINKY range.

Features & Benefits

  • For materials with various densities and viscosities, or dry particle mixing THINKY ARM-310 mixer interior
  • Non-invasive processing ends the risk of cross-contamination between batches
  • Processes in seconds to minutes
  • Processes in your containers such as jar, barrel, cartridge, syringe or tube
  • Processes from 0.5ml – save valuable material wastage
  • Re-mixes separated materials to prolong shelf life
  • No damage to material unlike the use of rollers, mixing blades or propellers
  • No unit cleaning between batches, which eliminates non-productive work
  • Cooling unit available for temperature control in high-usage applications


Dimensions H 390 x W 300 x D* 340mm (*With freight locks: 365mm)
Weight Approximately 18kg
Maximum mixing volume 300ml container: 250ml / 250g net (310g gross)
150ml container: 120ml / 200g net (300g gross)
Memory 5 stored recipes, each with up to 5 sequential time and RPM steps
Working environment conditions 10 to 35ºC, 35-85% relative humidity (non-condensation)
Indoor use only
Within 2000m altitude
Timer setting range 0 to 30 minutes in 1 second increments
Revolution speed Maximum 2,000 RPM
Rotation speed Maximum 800 RPM (1/2.5 of revolution speed)
Noise During operation (average): 63 dB(A)
Safety features Door sensor, revolution sensor, vibration sensor
Power supply Single-phase AC 230V +/- 10, 50Hz
Power consumption On standby: approximately 50 VA, during operation: maximum 900 VA

Other Information

Case Study Pforzheim University LMM feedstock Production of a Homogeneous Feedstock for LMM 3D Printing Process

Seeking a way to homogeneously mix feedstock for their Lithography-based metal manufacturing (LMM) process, Pforzheim University chooses a THINKY ARM-310 mixer to effectively mix metal powder into a high viscosity, photosensitive polymer.

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
THINKY ENs-10CE Cooling Unit Data Sheet 2.32MB Download
THINKY Mixer Catalogue 5.15MB Download
How to choose a Thinky mixer 0.18MB Download
Getting To Know THINKY Mixers 0.65MB Download
Case Study - Production of a homogeneous feedstock for LMM 3D printing process 0.28MB Download
THINKY Multi-Sensor PDS 1.17MB Download

Ordering Information

Part number Description
THIARM-310 THINKY ARM-310 planetary centrifugal mixer
THIENS-10CE THINKY mixer cooling system attachment


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