Attaining the near instant, ‘on demand’ bonding performance of UV adhesives and curing is now even easier with our IUV101 Starter Kit.

IUV101 Complete UV Starter Kit Cropped

Incorporating our popular IUV101 handheld LED UV spot curing lamp and three compatible multi-purpose LED UV curing adhesives in 10g syringes, you’ll be able to tackle a multitude of bonding projects as soon as you’ve got it out of the box.

  • Dymax 6-621 – A clear, high tensile strength adhesive that bonds multiple substrates and cures using UV and/or visible light with a secondary heat cure. Good for glass, metal and many plastics.
  • Dyamx 3069 – An adhesive designed for the rapid bonding and laminating of a variety of flexible and rigid plastic substrates.
  • Dymax 9-911 – Wire tacking and structural adhesive with excellent adhesion to PCB materials, components, and wire insulation.

The kit also contains consumables, PPE to keep you safe, and some helpful guides to best build your process – everything you need to get going.

Since its launch, the IUV101 handheld LED UV spot curing lamp has proven itself in numerous applications including medical, electronics, automotive and optics. Granting the rapid cure of UV adhesives with powerful 2000 mW/cm2 light intensity, our IUV101 enables you to focus UV light on the spot where your adhesive will be cured. Typically curing material in less than ten seconds but in many cases even quicker, the lamp is instant on/off, with no warm up period.

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