Syringe Barrel Filler for 310ml Cartridges

FIS 560548U-300

About Syringe Barrel Filler for 310ml Cartridges

The FIS560548U-300 Syringe Barrel Filler is a simple and efficient way of transferring RTV silicones, sealants, greases, polyurethane adhesives, SMPs and other materials from 310ml cartridges into syringes. Large 310ml cartridges are difficult to handle for precision application, and the transfer into smaller syringes facilitates accurate adhesive or sealant placement for applications in electronics assembly, medical device manufacturing or other technology sectors. The FIS560548U-300 Syringe Barrel Filler is also known as a syringe charger or barrel loader. It can be used with manual syringes or syringe barrels and time/pressure dispensing.

The FIS560548U-300 is straightforward to operate. It requires a source of clean, dry and regulated compressed air. The 310ml cartridge is loaded into the included 310ml Cartridge Retainer, which can be pressurised up to 100psi (6.9 bar). Parts are included to attach the cartridge to a luer lock fitting through a 90° angle. An empty syringe barrel (usually with a piston inserted) is connected to the luer lock fitting, and the filling is started and stopped with a simple pneumatic switch. Fluid filling rate is controlled by adjusting the incoming compressed air.  There is a relief valve for decompression of the system.

Features & Benefits

  • Transfers material with low risk of air bubbles
  • Luer lock fitting for quick syringe change over
  • Ready to use, only requiring a compressed air source
  • Minimises the handling of chemicals
  • Less mess and waste than manual methods

Ordering Information

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FIS560548U-300 Syringe Barrel Filler for 310ml Cartridges


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