The eco-DUO, a precision mixing and dispensing system manufactured by preeflow, has always provided volumetrically accurate, repeatable dispensing for two-component materials with a mixing ratio between 1:1 and 5:1. Now, preeflow has updated the eco-DUO to mix materials in up to a 10:1 ratio.

The preeflow eco-DUO uses the precision dispensing technology of the preeflow eco-PEN; by integrating two eco-PENS through a manifold and a static mixing nozzle, the eco-DUO provides extremely precise metering, mixing and dispensing of critical two-part materials like epoxies and silicones.

With the expanded mix ratio allowance, preeflow eco-DUO can now be used for precision dispensing of potting compounds including Opti-tec 7020, and adhesives such as Opti-tec 5053 and Opti-tec 5054.

For those who already have an eco-DUO and would like to explore using it for materials with up to a 10:1 mix ratio, a software upgrade is available to retrofit your eco-DUO.

preeflow eco-duo600 from Intertronics for the metering and mixing of two component materials

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