Dymax 9452-FC is an advanced low viscosity conformal coating for printed circuit boards, formulated with a revolutionary new technology as an alternative to thin, solvent-based conformal coatings. Whilst it has a very low viscosity – 20 cP – it still provides good electrical insulation and protection against humidity, plus very good thermal shock and corrosion resistance. It offers an instant UV and visible light cure with secondary heat cure for shadow areas within electronic assemblies, to ensure that no area is left unprotected. Dymax 9452-FC fluoresces blue and so enables fast, easy inspection. Dymax 9452-FC is believed to be the first light cure conformal coating to successfully provide these high performance characteristics in one easy to use product.

Dymax 9452-FC conformal coating can be precision sprayed. It is environmentally friendly compared to solvent-based alternatives, being 100% solids. It is curable using UV LED-based curing systems in addition to conventional broad spectrum lamps, with the associated production and cost benefits.

In-house analysis shows the coating’s exceptional performance through reliability tests such as heat and humidity resistance (500 hours at 85°C / 85% relative humidity) and corrosion resistance (sulphur and salt spray resistance).

Dymax 9452-FC low viscosity conformal coating from Intertronics cures with light
Dymax 9452-FC fluoresces blue and so enables fast, easy inspection

Read this 2017 White Paper by Dr. Aysegul Kascatan Nebioglu of Dymax Corp: UV Broad-Spectrum & LED-Curable, 100% Solids, Very Low Viscosity Conformal Coating for detailed technical background.