LED UV Light Curing

UV LED lamp technology is a relatively recent development in uv light curing. Curing equipment based on LEDs can achieve uniform frequency and intensity output for consistent cures, facilitating superior process control, increased manufacturing throughput and lower operating costs. LED UV light curing offers several significant advantages over conventional arc UV sources:

  1. Typical 20,000 hour LED life eliminates bulb replacement, reduces maintenance costs
  2. Instant on/instant off operation – no warm up times, no mechanical shutters
  3. Cooler light radiation that extends curing capabilities for heat-sensitive substrates
  4. Higher electrical efficiency for lower operational costs
  5. More compact equipment


LED UV curing lamps feature narrower wavelength spectrum emission than that of conventional equipment, so assessment needs to be made on existing chemistries to see if they cure adequately using the narrow bandwidth. Material and adhesive manufacturers have formulations specifically designed to cure with LED based lamps.

Typical Applications

  1. Plastic, glass and metal bonding
  2. Medical device assembly including catheter and needle/syringe bonding
  3. Electronics assembly including wire tacking, encapsulating, ruggedising and conformal coating
  4. Temporary masking



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