SL101N Digital Liquid Dispenser, Adhesive and Solder Paste Dispensing Controller


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About SL101N Digital Liquid Dispenser, Adhesive and Solder Paste Dispensing Controller

The FIS SL101N Digital Liquid Dispenser is a “teach & learn” benchtop digital liquid dispenser with a bright LCD and 9 memory locations to automatically cycle 9 self-taught programs. Auto-cycling is one of three operation modes available. The other two are: manual-mode, enabling a dispense operation controlled by a foot pedal, and timed-mode which will dispense to a pre-set time.

SL101 Dispenser

Auto-cycling operates by sequencing a self-taught cycle of events including a dispense time together with a wait or pause condition between the cycles. This feature enables the FIS SL101N to be used as a stand-alone, semi-automated dispensing system. An adjustable suck-back feature prevents post-dispense dripping of low-viscosity fluids and potential oozing of higher-viscosity creams and pastes.

IJF SL101 Digial Dispenser Control Panel

The simple control panel

Ready to use
The FIS SL101N comes complete with a selection of the most typically used dispensing components. Additional consumable dispensing components are readily available. Compressed air connection is via a rear mounted push-fit connector which accepts 1/4″ or 6mm diameter hose. A suitable air input hose with a 1/4″ NPT fitting is also included.

Features & Benefits

  • Digitally controlled program
  • Easy to use touch sensitive controls
  • Suck-back ensures no dripping
  • Suitable for wide range of dispensing needs
  • Store up to 9 dispensing routines


For the dispensing of a wide range of liquids and pastes such as:

  • Cyanoacrylates
  • SolventsSL101 Dispenser
  • Lacquers
  • Adhesives
  • Oils
  • Greases
  • Inks
  • Sealants
  • Coatings
  • Temporary masking
  • Solder pastes and brazing pastes
  • Flux
  • Conformal coatings

In a variety of industries including: automotive, semiconductor, loudspeakers, PCB assembly, medical devices, jewellery, sensor manufacturing, connectors, flat panel displays, SMT, general automation, and more.


Size 21.92 x 21.59 x 6.68cm
Dispense time 0.01 – 9999 seconds
Operation modes Manual, Timed, Cycle
Internal memory 9 Memory locations
Voltage 110 – 220 VAC 50/60Hz
Air input 70 to 100 psi (5-7 bar)
Air output 1-100 psi (0.1-7 bar)
Standards CE approved, RoHS compliant
Weight 1.59 kg

The SL101N Digital Liquid Dispenser requires clean, dry compressed air for operation. It is recommended that factory air be supplied to the dispenser through a 5-micron filter/regulator. If no factory air is available, then we supply a range of low cost, very quiet compressors which are suitable.

Other Information

Introduction to Time/Pressure Dispensing
Download a presentation which describes the theory and practicalities of time/pressure dispensing


See how the SL101 works as part of a real application in this dispensing Case Study:

Automated Sealant Dispensing Proves a Winner for Innovative Golfing Product
An automated sealant dispensing system provided consistent and reliable results in this wearable technology application.

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
Fisnar SL101 Operating Manual 0.49MB
An Introduction to Time/Pressure Dispensing 0.56MB

Ordering Information

Part number Description
FISSL101N Digital Liquid Dispenser
FISSL101N comes with the following
IJF560751 Barrel Stand
FIS561851 Air Input Line
IJF560027D Foot Pedal
FIS8001003 10cc Barrel Natural x2
FIS8001004 30cc Barrel Natural x2
FIS8001008 10cc Smooth-Flow Piston x2
FIS8001009 30cc Smooth-Flow Piston x2
FIS8001016 10cc Adapter Set 3ft
FIS8001017 30cc Adapter Set 3ft
FIS8001036 10cc End Cap x2
FIS8001037 30cc End Cap x2
FIS8001038 Tip Cap x2
Bag of assorted tips

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  • Version: 3.5

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