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About QuantX Syringe Barrel Adapter Assemblies

QuantX syringe barrel adapter assemblies connect a syringe to a time/pressure controller. They provide a convenient quick connect at the controller, an easy fit and a good seal to the syringe barrel, and are available in two tube lengths, both with an outside diameter of 3.175mm. The 91cm assembly can be specified with a micron filter trap to prevent flow of material or fumes back into the controller when using suck-back.

Compatible with the QuantX range of dispensing consumables.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with the QuantX range
  • Two hose lengths available
  • Adapter head features Twist Lock design for an easy and secure fit
  • O-Ring seals on parallel section of barrel side wall creating optimized air-tight seal

Other Information

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Syringe barrels, pistons, caps and kits

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Ordering Information

1/8″ (3.175mm) OD Hose – Green adapter head – includes safety clip

Syringe Barrel Adapters
Part number Size Hose Length Qty
FIS8001014 3cc 3ft (91cm) 1
FIS8001015 5cc 3ft (91cm) 1
FIS8001016 10cc 3ft (91cm) 1
FIS8001017 30/55cc 3ft (91cm) 1
FIS8001018 3cc 6ft (183cm) 1
FIS8001019 5cc 6ft (183cm) 1
FIS8001020 10cc 6ft (183cm) 1
FIS8001021 30/55cc 6ft (183cm) 1
FIS8001050 3cc 3ft (91cm) Includes Filter 1
FIS8001051 5cc 3ft (91cm) Includes Filter 1
FIS8001052 10cc 3ft (91cm) Includes Filter 1
FIS8001053 30/55cc 3ft (91cm) Includes Filter 1
  • Last updated: February 2017
  • Version: 1.0

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