About Circuit Frames

Replace damaged surface mount pads, lands and conductors without the mess of liquid epoxy, with a bond strength equal to the original, in just a few minutes. Circuit Frames with dry-film adhesive backing make this delicate repair procedure easy, fast and highly reliable. This reliable IPC-recommended procedure meets the highest conformance level for this type of repair.

Circuit Frames are used by thousands of commercial, medical and military manufacturers around the globe.

Choose from hundreds of different shapes or let us custom design and fabricate that special shape for you.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete in minutes
  • Quick and tidy procedure
  • Hundreds of shapes available
  • Custom made shapes available

Directions for Use

Replacing Circuits and Pads:

Replacing circuits and pads step 1

Step 1.

Remove the defective pad, land or conductor. If there is a connecting circuit on the circuit board surface, you can apply liquid flux and tin it with solder.
If the base material is severely damaged it may have to first be repaired using epoxy.

For more information see Circuit Bond Kit and Base Board Repair Kit.

Replacing circuits and pads step 2
Step 2.

Select a replacement pad, land or conductor from a Circuit Frame and carefully scrape off the adhesive film from the solder joint area. Then trim it out from the Circuit Frame.

Replacing circuits and pads step 3
Step 3.

Place the new pad, land or conductor in position using high temperature tape. Apply heat to the tape for 5 seconds using a Bonding Iron or Bonding System. The heat transmits through the tape to quickly tack the pad, land or conductor in place.

Replacing circuits and pads step 3
Step 4.

Remove the high temperature tape and again apply heat using the Bonding Iron or Bonding System, but this time directly to the top surface of the pad, land or conductor. Apply light pressure to permanently cure the adhesive. The bonding time to cure the dry-film adhesive is only 30 seconds.

To complete the procedure, if the new pad, land or conductor has a connecting circuit, apply liquid flux and then lap solder the connection.

Other Information

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Ordering Information

For full description and specification of Circuit Frames available to order, please see the CircuitMedic website.

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