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It’s now easier than ever to repair damaged circuits with PCB track replacement, thanks to Circuit Tracks. Circuit Tracks are rectangle shaped conductors made of 99.9% pure CDA 11000 copper.

These rectangle ribbons closely conform to the original conductor dimensions. The replacement Circuit Track is bonded in place using epoxy included in the kit. See also the Epoxy Kit for Electronics and PCB Repair.

This kit is a great time and labour saver and an easy solution to repairing missing or damaged circuits.

Features & Benefits

  • Versatile – conform to any pattern
  • Convenient packaging – easy to use
  • Meets IPC recommended repair processes
  • Complete instructions included
  • Everything you need to repair damaged circuits and conductors
  • Circuit Tracks can form to any conductor pattern
  • Designed to meet IPC recommended guidelines
  • 19 separate items, more than 50 pieces
  • Packaged in a rugged, ESD safe conductive case


  1. Repairing damaged or missing conductors or printed circuit tracks

Other Information

Circuit Medic Multiple Product Instruction Manual Download the Circuit Medic Multiple Product Instruction Manual

A comprehensive instruction manual for all aspects of printed circuit board repair

Ordering Information

Part number Description
CRC 201-3130 Circuit Track Kit
Part No Qty Description
CRC 115-5205 1 Circuit track .002″ x .005″
CRC 115-5208 1 Circuit track .002″ x .008″
CRC 115-5210 1 Circuit track .002″ x .010″
CRC 115-5315 1 Circuit track .003″ x .015″
CRC 115-5520 1 Circuit track .005″ x .020″
CRC 115-5530 1 Circuit track .005″ x .030″
CRC 355-2102 1 Knife
CRC 115-3314 5 Mixing stick
CRC 115-3312 5 Plastic Cup
CRC 115-3302 4 Epoxy
CRC 235-3050 1 High Temp Tape Discs
CRC 335-5188 1 Tweezers, crossover
CRC 335-5185 1 Tweezers, point tip
CRC 115-3136 1 Abrader
CRC 235-1000 5 Alcohol swab
CRC 235-2102 5 Foam swab
CRC 235-2106 5 Cleaning brushes
CRC 115-3115 1 Microscope pen
CRC 355-3102 5 Plastic probes
CRC 115-3315 5 Mixing sticks

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
CircuitMedic Multiple Product Instruction Manual 2.78MB
  • Last updated: January 2017
  • Version: 4.0

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