About Epoxy Kit for Electronics and PCB Repair

The CRC115-1322 Epoxy Kit is ideal for the repair of printed circuit board damage. This kit contains 10 packages of clear, low viscosity, superior strength Circuit Bond epoxy, precisely measured out into twinpack plastic packages so it is easy to use and there is no measuring required.

Once cured, this epoxy makes an effective electrical insulator with good high temperature mechanical and impact resistance properties. Circuit Bond can be used to bond replacement conductors, repair burns and circuit board surface defects, and many other high strength, high temperature applications. The kit also contains mixing sticks, mixing cups and foam swabs.

You can also tint Circuit Bond using Colour Agents for the perfect cosmetic match; see below for more details.

CRC 1151322 Epoxy Kit PCB repairCRC 1151322 Epoxy Kit PCB repair

Features & Benefits

  • Two-compartment packaging eliminates mixing errors
  • High strength/high temperature epoxy withstands demanding physical environments
  • Clear, can be tinted with colouring agents
  • Includes Foam Swabs and Alcohol Swabs for preparation and cleaning
  • Includes Micro Probes, ideal for dispensing a tiny volume of adhesive


  • Repairing damaged base board
  • Repairing damaged base board corners and edges
  • Repairing damaged coatings and solder mask and solder resist


Typical properties
Packaging 2 gram twinpacks
Colour Clear/transparent
Pot life 30 minutes
Cure cycle 24 hours at room temperature
4 hours at 65°C
Viscosity (after mixing) 2000 cps @ 25°C
Operating temperature range -55°C to 135°C
Hardness 88 Shore D
Dielectric strength 400 volts/mil

Colour Agents

Colour Agents
Matching epoxy to the colour of the circuit board being repaired is a simple process when you use a colour agent. These are available in 2 gram tubes.


  • Coating replacement
  • Solder mask and solder resist repair

Features and Benefits

  • Wide selection to match board colours
  • Compatible – mixes well with epoxy
Ordering information
Part number Description Colour
CRC115-9102 Colour Agent, PMS102 – Yellow
CRC115-9185 Colour Agent, PMS185 – Red
CRC115-9293 Colour Agent, PMS293 – Blue
CRC115-9348 Colour Agent, PMS348 – Green
CRC115-9358 Colour Agent, PMS358 – Light Green
CRC115-9376 Colour Agent, PMS376 – Med Green
CRC115-9424 Colour Agent, PMS424 – Dark Gray
CRC115-9457 Colour Agent, PMS457 – Light Brown
CRC115-9560 Colour Agent, PMS560 – Dark Green
CRC115-9561 Colour Agent, PMS561 – Dark Green
CRC115-9995 Colour Agent – Black
CRC115-9996 Colour Agent – White

Colours shown above are representative, and not exact colour matches.

Other Information

PCB rework and repairOur Technology Guides page has links to our comprehensive PCB Rework & Repair Guide

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
PCB Rework and Repair Guide 6.79MB Download

Ordering Information

Part number Quantity Description
CRC115-1322 1 Epoxy Kit
Kit includes:
CRC115-3302 10 Epoxy twinpacks
CRC235-2102 5 Foam swab, 3/16 tip”
CRC115-3314 10 Mixing stick
CRC115-3312 10 Plastic cups
CRC115-3360 5 Plastic probes
CRC235-1000 5 Alcohol swabs


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