About Circuit Base Board Repair Kit

Most types of damage to base board material can be repaired with this versatile Circuit Base Board Repair Kit. There are sections of FR4 to replace damaged board corners, edges and holes. The edge sections have a specially machined tongue along one edge to fit within a groove cut into the board edge. The kit includes epoxies, colour agents, and dispensing cartridges.

Features & Benefits

  • Versatile, complete – includes everything you need for base board repair
  • Meets IPC guidelines
  • High strength, high temperature epoxy withstands demanding physical environments
  • Colour agents permit matching of board colours
  • FR4 laminate for compatible base board transplant applications


  1. Repairing damaged base board
  2. Repairing damaged base board corners and edges
  3. Repairing damaged tooling and mounting holes
  4. Repairing damaged coatings and solder mask

Epoxy Specifications

Circuit Bond Epoxy Specifications
Packaging 2 gram prepackaged containers
Color Clear, transparent
Pot life 30 minutes
Cure cycle 24 hours at room temperature or 3 hours @ 165°F (75°C)
Viscosity (after mixing) 1900 cps @ 77°F (25°C)
Operating temperature range -76°F to 284°F (-60°C to 140°C)
Hardness 88 Shore D
Dielectric strength 410 volts/mil

Directions for Use

How to repair a circuit base board:

Base Board Repair 1
1. Evaluate damaged board
Base Board Repair 2
2. Scrape away damaged material
Base Board Repair 3
3. Apply epoxy
Base Board Repair 4
4. Apply epoxy with foam swab
Base Board Repair 5
5. Board repair complete

Other Information

Circuit Medic Multiple Product Instruction Manual Download the Circuit Medic Multiple Product Instruction Manual

A comprehensive instruction manual for all aspects of printed circuit board repair

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
CircuitMedic Multiple Product Instruction Manual 2.60MB
PCB Rework and Repair Guide 6.79MB

Ordering Information

Part number Description
CRC201-3110 Base Board Repair Kit
Part Number Qty Description
CRC235-1000-5 5 Alcohol Swab
CRC235-2106-5 1 Cleaning Brushes
CRC115-9348 1 Colour Agent, Green
CRC115-9358 1 Colour Agent, Light Green
CRC115-3302 4 Epoxy
CRC235-2102-5 5 Foam Swab
CRC3315-0614 1 Knife with #16 Blades
CRC115-3115 1 Measuring Microscope Pen
CRC355-3102-5 5 Micro Probes
CRC115-3315-5 5 Mixing Picks
CRC115-3312 5 Plastic Cup
CRC335-3195 1 Probe
CRC335-3197 1 Scraper
CRC335-5188 1 Tweezer, Crossover
CRC335-5185 1 Tweezer, Point Tip
  • Last updated: January 2017
  • Version: 4.0

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