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This Land Repair kit includes the tools and materials needed to reliably repair or replace damaged lands, surface mount and BGA pads.

The unique Circuit Frames have a dry film adhesive backing. You simply select the appropriate size pad or land, trim it from the Circuit Frame and bond it to the circuit board surface using a bonding iron included in the kit.

This kit is specifically designed to make the repair process as simple and reliable as possible. All the tools and materials are packaged in a rugged ESD safe carrying case.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes dry film, epoxy-backed replacement circuits that do not use messy liquid epoxy.
  • Includes epoxy for solder mask or base board repair.
  • All the tools and materials are neatly arranged in a conductive, ESD safe carrying case.
  • Tools and materials conform to IPC guidelines.
  • Every item is prime quality, time-tested, to meet high standards.

Directions for Use

How to repair a surface mount pad:

Surface mount pad repair step 1
1. Evaluate damage and measure pad
Surface mount pad repair step 2
2. Select replacement pad
Surface mount pad repair step 3
3. Cut replacement from Circuit Frame
Surface mount pad repair step 4
4. Position pad, use tape to bond in place
Surface mount pad repair step 5
5. Complete connection to existing conductor

How to repair a land:

Land Repair step 1
Evaluate damage and measure land
Land Repair step 2
Select replacement land
Land Repair step 3
Cut out replacement land from Circuit Frame
Land Repair step 4
Position new land using tape then bond in place
Land Repair step 5
Complete connection to the conductor

Other Information

Circuit Medic Multiple Product Instruction Manual

Download the Circuit Medic Multiple Product Instruction Manual

A comprehensive instruction manual for all aspects of printed circuit board repair







PCB rework and repairOur Technology Guides page has links to our comprehensive Rework & Repair Guide.

Ordering Information

Part No Description
CRC201-1402 Land/Pad Repair Kit, 230 VAC
Part No Qty Description
CRC115-3136 1 Abrader
CRC235-1000-5 5 Alcohol Swab
CRC115-3102 1 Bonding iron 230 VAC
CRC115-2104 1 Bonding tip – tapered
CRC115-2204 1 Bonding tip .080″ diameter
CRC115-2206 1 Bonding tip .120″ diameter
CRC115-2316 1 Bonding tip .080″ x .120″ diameter
CRCCFV002AS 1 Circuit frame, variety – bright tin
CRCCFV003AS 1 Circuit frame, variety – bright tin
CRC235-2106-5 1 Cleaning Brushes
CRC115-3302 4 Epoxy
CRC235-2102-5 5 Foam swab
CRC235-3025 126 High temp tape discs .25″ diameter
CRC235-3050 60 High temp tape discs .50″ diameter
CRC355-0614 1 Knife
CRC115-3115 1 Measuring Microscope Pen
CRC335-3102-5 5 Micro probes
CRC115-3314-5 5 Mixing pick
CRC115-3312 5 Plastic cup
CRC335-3195 1 Probe
CRC335-5188 1 Tweezer, crossover
CRC335-5185 1 Tweezer, Point Tip

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
CircuitMedic Multiple Product Instruction Manual 2.78MB
PCB Rework and Repair Guide 6.38MB
  • Last updated: January 2017
  • Version: 3.0

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