Let’s get started by talking about your application.

This is a phrase you’ll see a lot around here, and it sums up our whole approach.

We consider ourselves to be your adhesive-savvy team members, and we want to get stuck in to helping you create a product that you’re proud of, both in terms of quality and process efficiency.

Whether you come to us at the beginning of your product research or with a particular product in mind, we’ll want to talk about your application and establish the “why” behind the “what”. We’ll ask specific questions to help us understand what you’re doing and also to help you feel confident in the product(s) we recommend for evaluation. Every new application brought by our customers is a fascinating puzzle, with many variables to consider. Providing the optimal material and process to our customers is very rewarding: on an intellectual level, on a commercial level and on an emotional level. Data sheets don’t tell the whole story, and we have a wealth of experience to provide real-world application insight for your benefit. Understanding the complexities of your application will also help us further build our real-world experience.

This consultative approach has tangible benefits for our customers, for example:

  • A customer who called to order a replacement for a piece of equipment that she thought was at end of life, but our questioning determined that a simple cleaning procedure would have her back up and running without spending a penny
  • A customer who was looking for a drop-in replacement for their adhesive which had been discontinued, and found to their delight that we could supply them with an adhesive which was even better suited to their application, and at a lower cost than their previous material
  • A customer who discussed their product design with us and took our suggestion for a small tweak of the joint design to provide significantly better structural stability when bonded, improving the product quality at no additional production cost

We’re incurably curious about how things work, and we want to learn as much as we can about the amazing products being manufactured or in the pipeline. Being informed suppliers helps us to be good partners as we support you throughout your product’s lifecycle.

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