The latest addition to our YouTube channel features an explanation of just how quick and easy it is to get going with a THINKY mixing and degassing machine.


THINKY Mixers are industrial non-contact “planetary” mixers for all engineering compounds. They mix, disperse and degas your materials in seconds to minutes, in a sealed or lid-less container such as a jar, beaker, syringe tube or cartridge. The machines make light work of formulating and mixing adhesives, sealants, moulding compounds, lubricants, slurries, coatings, inks, paints, abrasives, bio chemicals, cements, medical compounds, cosmetics/personal care materials, detergents, conductive pastes, dental materials, foods, construction materials or any other materials which are hard to mix, hard to degas, or hard to wet.

The THINKY mixing and degassing machines range from the ARE-250 with the capacity for up to 310g material, up to the ARV-10KTWIN with a maximum capacity of 10kg, with vacuum options also available.

If you’re looking to mix materials with consistent and uniform results, get in touch with us to organise a demonstration and further information on the THINKY Mixing and Degassing Machines.

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