This video on our YouTube channel compares and contrasts our most popular Thinky Mixers, using the mixing and defoaming of silicone resin as an example. The manufacturer’s video shows a Thinky ARE-310 – the equivalent machine available in Europe is the Thinky ARE-250, which is functionally the same.

Thinky mixers use a combination of rotation and revolution to mix, disperse, degas and defoam your materials in a container. The video shows some air being deliberately mixed into some silicone, and the resin with bubbles put into a Thinky ARE-310. In a few minutes, the silicone is clear with no visible air bubbles. The same material is then placed into a Thinky ARV-310, which is the same machine but with an integral vacuum, for further treatment – degassing and defoaming. A visual inspection shows an even better result, which is quite apparent in the video. This Technical Bulletin about Vacuum Mixing & Degassing has further discussion about these differences.

A small amount of orange pigment is mixed into the silicone, which results in an even dispersion. A large amount of powder is then added, which is completely mixed into the resin in about a minute.

Thinky mixers are completely programmable, and have memories to store your programmes or “recipes”. The Thinky ARV-310 has a special version, the Thinky ARV-310LED, for LED phosphor dispersion.

We can show you these same results in our Technology Centre – come and see us!

Video compare Thinky mixers with silicone resin mixing and defoaming

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