adhere academyWe have added a “how to” video to our YouTube channel. Setting Up a Pressure Pot for Dispensing is a short visual guide for preparing a pressure reservoir for dispensing materials such as adhesives, paints, lacquers, solvents, inks, coatings, oils and many other low to medium viscosity liquids from a pail or bottle.

How to set up a pressure pot for dispensing

  1. Ensure you are wearing correct PPE. Consult with the SDS safety data sheet for your material.
  2. Remove the threaded thumbscrews and lift off the reservoir’s lid.
  3. Place an open bottle of liquid in the centre of the reservoir.
  4. Return the lid to the top of the reservoir whilst assuring that the dip tube is positioned inside the bottle of liquid.
  5. Tighten thumbscrews evenly.
  6. Ensure the regulator is fully closed before connecting the air line.
  7. Connect all material and air lines supplying pressure to the reservoir.
  8. Slowly increase pressure by gently opening the regulator until desired material flow is reached.
  9. Don’t forget to depressurise the pot after use by gently loosening the air release valve.

The video and instructions should be used as a guide – if you have any further queries please contact us, we’d be happy to help.