adhere academyOur new An Introduction to Time/Pressure Dispensing guide is a clear, simple overview for engineers needing to quickly understand this area of dispensing, or to use as a training aid for operators and new colleagues. Time/pressure dispensing lets you apply a wide range of liquid or paste materials by using a dispensing controller to apply a pulse of air pressure to the top of a syringe (dispensing barrel) which forces the liquid inside the syringe out through a needle or nozzle.

Based on our wealth of experience in this field, the guide explains how the technology works. It provides a solid jumping off point for further investigation into more complex dispensing or dosing of most industrial liquids, fluids and pastes such as adhesives, solder pastes/fluxes, coatings, sealants, encapsulants, masks, greases/oils, inks, varnishes and lacquers.

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introduction to time-pressure dispensing